Chapter 6: All About Kundalini

    What Is Kundalini Energy?

    Kundalini, from Indian yoga, is a source of energy in the body, envisaged as a sleeping serpent coiled at the base of the spine. Kundalini is the intelligent conscious life-force energy of YOU distributed in your body’s cells that keeps you alive and functioning. Kundalini energy is responsible for evolutionary development and for heightened states of consciousness and awareness, and is present in all living life forms. All life forms are evolving toward heightened awareness. Kundalini energy does not have any specific character, as pure energy it has no form or condition. When kundalini energy releases from fixed form, the base of the spine activates, felt as a fluttering sensation in the tailbone. After this, kundalini energy coils up the spine, like a serpent rising.

    Before awakening, kundalini energy is in a fixed shape in the body and is at a low vibration level. Kundalini energy is dormant while used to animate the personality. Kundalini energy releases from fixed form, when elements of the personality dissolve which happen when we let go of our attachment to that element. A large quantity of kundalini energy releases in major awakening events. With each release of kundalini energy from fixed form, the body vibration rises.

    After birth, the growing force is strong in our body; our body vibration is high, which is obvious from our rapid growing. Our growth rate and body vibration gradually decline as we grow into adulthood. This decline is due to energy converting into a structure, which is the personality of the developing individual. When growing stops, our kundalini energy is contained in the structure. The personality is partially created from growth and organization of the brain. This brain organization is reflected in the body as animated personality. Our unique vibration is held in shape by our physical structure, reinforced by our skeletal alignment, brain organization and epigenome.

    After growing stops, the personality expands as we gain attributes for our self-image. Personality expansion happens due to our current brain organization and evolutionary state and is beneficial. As kundalini energy amasses in the expanding personality, it is collecting as an easily tapped supply of fuel. The energy building in the personality is kept in place through our conditioned use of the mind. In the moment we stop using our mind, some of this energy is released and is the fuel to transition to a higher state of consciousness. Kundalini energy is constant in the body. The law of conservation of energy, states that any object in nature is energetically a closed system and no mass or energy is ever gained or lost in a transformation. Kundalini energy is always conserved and nothing disappears. Atoms merely separate and reform into new shapes.

    What Is Kundalini Awakening & Transformation?

    A kundalini awakening happens when energy is released from the personality, when quiet mind is sustained and our vibration is strong enough to release it. After the energy release, the brain and nervous system reorganize and kundalini symptoms occur. All along our spiritual journey kundalini energy releases, over time the releases are closer together until they are continuous. Kundalini releases become detectable in the pre-awakening stage when we are near our first spiritual awakening.

    Large amounts of kundalini energy release three times in our spiritual enlightenment as described in the previous chapter. These awakening events change us. When a large release happens, there is a barrage of symptoms such as, energy rushes, tingling, light explosions, tones, altered sensory perception, not needing to sleep, weight loss, and insights.

    The first time energy releases, it rises into the mind and we awaken and understand we are not our mind. I call this spiritual awakening and the crown opening, where we discover our higher-self. The second time energy releases, it is stronger and fills the muscles and we realize we are not our vibration. The third time energy releases, it fills the entire body and then we realize we are not our body. The third event is the onset of the full-blown kundalini transformation. After this, kundalini energy releases continuously in smaller amounts with frequent kundalini symptoms.

    Kundalini transformation is a gradual, biological growing process moving human beings toward enlightenment that also heals our body. Our higher-self orchestrates the transformation by releasing energy from our personality and using it to reorganize our mind and body. The changes result in a refined nervous system, higher vibration, increased awareness and less influence of personality, called the light body. Kundalini transformation is a metamorphosis into a new species of human, using the energy of the old body to create a new body. Kundalini transformation is synonymous with human evolution and metamorphosis.

    It is only recently known that human beings can metamorphosis into a new life form, as more people report about kundalini awakening experiences. I believe instructions for a new species of human being exist in our DNA, and when conditions are right they are activated. Kundalini transformation is continuous over our long human history and everyone is at some stage of it. As human beings evolve, kundalini transformation accelerates and self-realization levels increase in the human population. Rising self-realization is due to kundalini transformation. Kundalini transformation is a biological process and therefore self-realization is too. I see no distinction between healing and kundalini transformation.

    How Does Kundalini Transformation Happen?

    Each time we divert energy from using our mind and are in the meditative state, energy is released from the personality. Kundalini transformation converts this energy into a new structure in the mind and body, giving rise to a spontaneous and aware life form. As we continue to do meditation, the structure of personality slowly dissolves and has less influence on our life over time. To convert the entire structure of personality into the new structure is gradual and takes many years to complete.

    We can only reorganize our mind if we are not using our mind. The distribution of kundalini energy in our body depends on what we focus on. If we focus on animation of the personality, then personality expands and accumulates energy. If we focus on not animating our personality by meditating, then personality reduces by releasing energy from programmed forms. To change our structure, the brain must change. Brain organization is similar to the epigenome, which is similar to software instructions that influence our DNA. The epigenome determines which genes are activated in our DNA, and later dictates our body and mind characteristics. To effect our DNA and activate the latent growing, we need to change our software instructions. Released energy is the fuel necessary to change the brain. Energy cannot be released from the brain, nor can released energy be used to change the brain, if we are using the brain. If you read that carefully, you will notice there are two reasons quiet mind states are important. Releasing energy from the brain is one and allowing the change in the brain is the other.

    Our higher-self is intelligent and knows exactly how to make these changes to the mind and nervous system and complete the metamorphosis. The transformation happens spontaneously, every time we are quiet. In the space when we are quiet, the brain organization changes, the epigenome changes and the DNA are affected. After the new programming is done, as cells are replaced in the body they physically reflect the new structure in the body.

    The biological aspect of kundalini transformation is primarily changes to the central nervous system. I believe the central nervous system is reorganizing into a single brain structure, away from the dual brain and right and left body structure. The nervous system slowly branches out in the mind and body like an infinitely expanding fractal pattern and our body fills with light. A side effect expansion of the nervous system is increasing body vibration, due to the increased number of neurons in the neural network. It is like a reverse growing, using the old structure to make the new structure. The physical appearance changes little during the transformation, because it is mostly making changes to the central nervous system. As the central nervous system and brain reorganizes, it is increasing the body vibration. When this is complete, the body vibration will be high enough to trigger the final change to create the light body. The physical appearance will change after the rewiring is complete, resulting in a new species of human that is enlightened.

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