What Triggers DNA Activation?

    My current theory is that species evolve by building energy across generations in the brain and DNA. Energetic vibration increases for all species in each generation. When the energy gets high enough then it triggers latent DNA growing instructions and a new species emerges. I find the missing links in the human species fossil record to be an interesting problem. Perhaps if in-situ metamorphosis occurs in human being or other species when they evolve, then we will never find an intermediate form.

    A life form exists as that life form because of its structure. While the structure is strong, that form exists. However, we know as things age, structures get weak and develop cracks. Increasing vibration of a form will eventually change the structure. As the energetic vibration in human beings grows stronger in each successive generation, the existing structure of the species becomes weaker and moves closer to a metamorphosis. This is the basic reason for evolution.

    The more pressure (energy) that builds inside an existing structure, the closer the structure comes to breaking apart to release the energy needed to make a new life form. Much energy is needed as fuel to have this happen. This can be seen in nature as pressure building in a volcano; the more pressure there is in the structure the more instable the form is. When the pressure reaches its maximum capacity for the container then the pressure breaks apart the old container.

    As the growing force of the cosmos continues to accelerate, all life forms will experience increased vibration. Eventually the point is reached where the structure can no longer maintain its current form given the increased vibration. At this point survival of the species is threatened and for life to continue, it must metamorphosis into a new species that can survive in the changed conditions. The fuel for this feat has been accumulating energetically in the forms, as increased awareness through experiences and learning. All life forms become more conscious over time.

    Once the consciousness level is high enough in the form, it has enough energy to flip the latent DNA switches on to trigger the old form to morph into the new form. All instructions for this new form have always been present in our DNA; they are only not activated. It is known that the DNA of most species has the same genetic instructions, what differentiates species is which parts of the DNA are activated. As I see it, all life on Earth is growing toward expression as a human being. When the trigger point is reached in a human being, the old brain reorganizes. This reorganization releases energy, which is used to metamorphosis into a new species, with a new brain organization in the same body.

    All Structures Eventually Weaken And Transform

    When the vibration grows too strong for the containing structure, the structure that held the previous form in place will break down. This is true for many forms, even the ego mind. As the old form breaks down, the released energy collects as a vortex of energy, gaining energy from the dissolving mass. When enough of the old has dissolved, the energy vortex is strong enough to break apart the solid structure that was the frame holding the energy in that shape. The energy is released through the violent breakup of the old to make the new structure. This is what happens in the physical death and in mini-deaths that happen with metamorphosis. As each part fails or quits using energy in that part, the energy is extracted and moves to the spine. The spine is the center of the central nervous system, and the right and left sides of brain control the opposite sides of the body. As energy moves to the spine, the right and left sides of the body activate and create a pumping force, which creates the double helix around the spine. This double helix then forms into a vortex, similar to a mini-tornado. Exactly then, the last energy leaves the body and moves into the vortex around the spine, the vortex sucks the energy up through the brain and out of the body and it can be said that the person has died. When a part of the living structure breaks down, then the released energy is used to make something new in the living structure. In the case of physical death, the energetic core leaves the body, and is the seed to make the next life form. In truth, there is no such thing as death; there is only transformation from one form to the next.

    Law Of Conservation Of Energy

    “The Law of Conservation of Energy states that the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant and the total energy is conserved over time. For an isolated system, this law means that energy can change its location and form within the system. For instance, chemical energy can become kinetic energy, but that energy is neither created nor destroyed.” -- Wikipedia

    Energy is neither created nor destroyed; it only changes from one form to another. In the same moment that energy was released during the eruption destroying the previous form of a volcano, a new form was created from the old. The volcano is now a crater of empty space with new life-forming material spewed onto the earth. The same happens in a living form in various ways.

    This describes metamorphosis. In a living system, energy is constant and is distributed differently over time as the life form takes on new characteristics and subsequent vibrations. We may see that the evolutionary path human beings are on is resulting in bodies with higher vibrations over time growing toward the source that created us, which some call God.

    What Is Human Metamorphosis?

    Metamorphosis is a biological process, by which an animal physically develops into a new form or structure, after its birth through cell growth and differentiation. It is not widely known that human metamorphosis is possible, because it is only beginning to happen to some people today. I can tell metamorphosis is accelerating in the human population because more people contact me each year telling me it is happening to them. I know it is possible, because it is happening to me! As I see it, human metamorphosis is a biological process that reorganizes the structure of the brain and nervous system, subsequently causing a new cell growth in the body to reflect the new organization of the brain. The process is triggered by certain DNA switches activating owing to increased vibration in the body. This increased vibration is synonymous with a high level of self-realization.

    In-Situ Metamorphosis

    Story of the butterfly: a caterpillar is born and eats until it has enough energy to fuel its metamorphosis. Hormones are released and it finds a place to attach itself to a branch, then a chrysalis comes out of its head and slowly covers it. Of course, the caterpillar has gone into a deep sleep state. While the chrysalis formation goes on, its old skin is shed and the entire body is covered by the chrysalis. Then its entire body is dissolved into a pool of nutrient rich liquid, and instructions for existing cells not previously expressed in the caterpillar are activated and the new form of butterfly grows from the liquid pool that was the caterpillar. When the butterfly cannot grow any further because the cocoon is restrictive, the butterfly will break out of the cocoon and spread its wings. Some amazing facts about this are 1. During the development of the adult, the chrysalis loses almost half its weight. This shows that metamorphosis consumes a tremendous amount of energy. 2. The DNA of the caterpillar and the butterfly life forms are identical. 3. The caterpillar and butterfly are the same entity and has been present through all stages. Now, I wonder if the butterfly can remember its previous life of having been a caterpillar.

    Metamorphosis is happening with some people today, but it happens when we choose to quiet our mind, so we do not have to make a cocoon. This process occurs in a living life form but instead of the old body destroying such as happens in physical death, the life form does smaller in-situ transformations.

    A new brain and nervous system is built in the existing body, breaking down the old structure and using this released energy as fuel to make the new body based on the new genetic instructions activated when the process triggered. After this completes the person is a new species and from reproduction can produce offspring of the new species. I believe this phenomenon happens widely to many individuals in the same species simultaneously, as all are affected by outside changing conditions in similar ways and have been evolving a similar amount of time. When the vibration level is high enough, latent DNA switches activate and a jump is made to the next species in the evolutionary track. Thus, a species wide metamorphosis is initiated. I think it is likely that other life forms will undergo a metamorphosis simultaneously as human beings. Another theory similar to this has been proposed for a species wide metamorphosis in the topic of morphogenetic fields.

    I believe we do not know about human metamorphosis because it leaves nothing for us to discover in the archeological record and we have not been recording history long enough to have seen it happen. Perhaps it has been observed, but we did not understand then what it was. I think it will not be long before human metamorphosis is widely accepted as truth.

    In-Situ Metamorphosis Happens When We Are Quiet

    In-situ metamorphosis accelerates when we do not use our energy to animate the personality. When we are not using our mind, we can use our energy to reorganize our mind. The mind cannot be changed if we are busy using it. When we are quiet and non-reactive, our higher-self is present and can reorganize our brain. This transformation happens to a lesser degree in the night while we sleep. When we fall asleep, our higher-self goes to work to change the organization of the brain in the same way. It is not coincidental that dreams occur in various sleep states. Dreams are a symptom of brain reorganization. When we willing quiet our mind, transformation happens and our energetic vibration increases. Increased energetic vibration is evidence of brain reorganization and of self-realization. It is like slowly creating a new organization in our brain and later when new cells are replaced in the body, the body and mind reflect this new and more efficient organization. It is almost like making a change to the epigenome.

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