Transformation Pain

    Pain is a sensation often produced after intense or damaging stimuli such as cutting a finger, breaking a bone, being burned, or putting iodine on a cut. Pain is part of the body's defense system, producing a reflexive retraction from the painful stimulus, and tendencies to protect the affected body part while it heals, and avoid that harmful situation in the future.

    In this book when I mention pain, I am predominately talking about the transformational pain that is a symptom of kundalini transformation. Transformational pain is felt frequently and resolves promptly. I rarely talk about acute or chronic pain, which is due to unresolved disease or another problem. Transformational pain is experienced when something in our body is healing, if we understand this deeply we know that the area in question is changing shape from one form to another. One shape is going away and another is arising, this is the essence of metamorphosis. The pain we experience has to do with the form being healed, whether it is emotional, mental, or the physical body. It is painful to discover we may be wrong in our thinking, it is painful to remember old memories and cry, and it is painful to heal torn tissues or broken bones.

    For a real change or healing to happen there must be a transformation of energy, from the old form to the new form. This process of the old dying and of the new forming is often perceived as a painful sensation. The transformation is biological and the intense heat given off as the old tissue releases the held energy and changes to the new tissue causes pain. Healing does cause pain and is a symptom of the transformation, of the old giving rise to the new.

    Transformation Pain Is A Symptom Of Healing

    In the moment, we experience a sudden damage to our body, as with an external injury, we do not feel transformation pain then. When we cut our finger, we immediately pull our finger away from the object that cut us. That is a reflex as no pain is felt then. A microsecond later, we feel pain in the finger as the tissues mend and stop the blood flow. What occurs is a sudden rush of energy travels along the nerve paths going to the site of injury, and as it localizes on that spot, heat rises and the strong vibration of a growing reaction is what makes it feel painful. There are many accounts of people who have had extreme injuries and have not felt pain. They do not even know what is damaged until they look with their eyes. It is when the healing process starts that the sensation of transformational energy is felt. The greater the injury, the more energy is diverted to heal in one location and the stronger the sensation is. Transformation pain is a symptomatic reaction owing to the intense heat and energy moving and working at the locus of the transformation site.

    We Are Pain & Change Avoidant

    We have pain sensors all over our body to protect us in case our life is physically threatened, so our innate tendency is to avoid the experience of pain and harmful situations in the future. To protect us physically this works well. The problem comes with our identification with our personality. We tend to believe that the personality is a physical entity and thus we avoid anything, which might cause pain and threaten the demise of this structure. Thus, we evaluate all experiences in the same way and avoid painful experiences, because pain for us is a signal that our life may be threatened. Another thing that causes us extreme discomfort is the unknown. We tend to get resistant and animate our personality in the face of the unknown because we fear the unknown. Change is always about entering the unknown. This can be problematic in the kundalini transformation, because the entire process requires a leap of faith and trust and readiness to enter unknown fields and dimensions.

    What we need to know is that the energy held in the structure of the personality and in all forms is mutable, it is not our permanent self and it is not a permanent structure. If we allow this transformation of this energy, we will not die and we will not disappear. Allowing transformation to happen means we are allowing ourselves to adapt to changes occurring around us. With this attitude, we are physically mutable and thus much more likely to survive, then if we resist change. If we resist changing ourselves when events indicate, then what we are doing is becoming more solid or holding our energy as the personality in tension. This holding of energy to try to maintain static familiar shapes is that which restricts the flow of energy and causes pain and subsequently acquired disease, conflict, aging and illness to build in our physical body. All structures become weaker the more they resist change. In the moment, we drop our attitude of resistance, holding and trying to protect something or an area, pent-up energy used for this protection is automatically released from the structure of personality and returned to our free reserve of unformed energy. This released energy will be used for healing and transformation. Soon we will feel the transformational energy, as an old part of us goes away and a new part rises in its place. Know that nothing is ever lost, a new form always supersedes the old, and the new can better adapt to changing conditions around us. Updating ourselves and allowing change and transformation makes us much more likely to survive, than trying to protect worn out stagnant forms of energy.

    Transformational Pain Need Not Be Experienced As Pain

    Because kundalini transformation is a long growing process, transformational pain is experienced frequently. The transformation is much more effective and less painful; the sooner we accept it and learn how to relax our body and mind. When we are relaxed and our mind is quiet, we do not have the experience of pain from the transformation. Pain is usually transitory, lasting only until the stimulus is removed or the underlying damage or pathology has healed.

    The transformation process does not need to be experienced as painful. The reality of this sensation is what we experience depends on our focus. When pain is experienced from transformation, it is a sign we are identifying with the symptom, meaning the personality has activated. When personality is activated, it is the same as resisting transformation on all levels. When we are directing, focusing and using our energy to animate our personality, we are not allowing our energy to change ourselves. When having the painful experience we may notice we are chattering with our mind-voice and generating strong feelings. We may be saying things such as, this hurts, I want my Mommy, I don't want more pain, this is not fair, I can’t take any more, I want this to go away or I don’t want to do this! When personality is activated, we can prolong the pain feeling long after the sensation is gone.

    Alternatively, when we feel the sensation of transformational pain, it is best to learn not to focus on the symptom as unwanted or painful. In a state of acceptance and quiet mind, we can observe the phenomena and with practice, we will not experience it as painful. Later it can be experienced as pleasurable and even later as neither pleasurable nor painful, it only is. If we internally observe the energetic movement in the area, where we feel the pain sensation, we will see the transitory nature of this symptom. When we feel it, it is already past. Even if there are moments of intensity, we know they will be gone in an instant. Those instants can link and soon it is behind us. The more we learn how to do this the easier and more effective the transformation will be. Then we will see that to continue we must learn how to let go, and the symptom of transformation pain and learning how to not experience it as painful is what will be our guide to teach us how to fully detach from ‘past forms’. This is the same as the awakened state. That is the ultimate result of the transformation, so it makes sense we learn how to do this, otherwise we will not achieve our goal. As systems around us continue to speed up, it will increase pressure on us to evolve. To refuse to do so causes unnecessary pain. Eventually the pain will motivate us to change and we will let go.

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