Rising Awareness Is A Biological Process

    I believe that higher levels of self-realization manifest in the body due to a biological change and reorganization made to the mind and the nervous system. In the archeological record of human beings, we observe that the brain keeps getting larger. Over the years, I have been through many spiritual steps where each dissolved some aspect of my personality. It was obvious to me that my self-realization level was gradually increasing and increased each time a new insight was received. When the kundalini transformation was triggered, it was obviously physical, and then I was sure that self-realization had a biological aspect. Since I have been in the transformation, my vibration increases each day and I have an increased ability to stay calm and non-reactive. The structure of personality continues to dissolve and awareness keeps rising over time. It feels like light is expanding and is filling every niche in my body, and why I call the new human species the light body.

    Healing Vibration & Tingling: Neuromuscular Junction Link

    When I give myself an acupressure treatment I feel the energetic vibration moving and increasing to higher levels in my body as the session goes on. I believe I feel this vibration because there is an electric charge building in the muscle fibers. I think that healing work in the body always happens through the foundation of the muscles. Muscle fiber is stretchy and can be charged to do work.

    I often notice a vibration working in a part of my body, it stays in one place and a small area of tissue is pummeled repeatedly. I call this an ‘energetic hold’. I know this symptom happens when blocked energy in my body is being opened energetically. I know a block is removed but it does not tell me what is occurring physiologically.

    I suspect at a micro scale that an energetic block is an area of tissue where the neuromuscular junctions are weak owing to nonuse or overuse. Neurons and muscle fibers are the only excitable cells in the body and both carry electricity through the body. This is the way a decision to move a body part, is sent down the motor neuron pathway to the skeletal muscles. The neuromuscular junction is where the nervous signal is passed to the muscles. I think an 'energetic hold' happens in tissue where the neuromuscular junctions need to be strengthened. An 'energetic hold' often continues for some time, with tension localized in the body that I call transformational pain. Clearing a block happens when the neurons in the neuromuscular junctions are strengthened, thus allowing more energy to flow between the neuron and muscle fibers. Tingling, shivers, energy rushes and tones are often felt after clearance of a block, because the nerves excite due to increased electric flow across the neuromuscular junctions. This feels great when it happens. The tingling will often spread to other areas in the body after a block is opened. I guess it is like dominoes, when one neuromuscular junction opens wider it affects the next in order. I strongly suspect the tingling symptom is related to making new nerve connections.

    My current theory is that energetic changes and healing in the metamorphosis of the body is mostly due to strengthening the neuromuscular junctions. The instruction to produce that change comes from the brain and travels through the nervous system to the neuromuscular junction. If this is true, then it explains why exercise is so important for healing. Stretching the fibers of muscles strengthens the neuromuscular junctions and increases the energy flow between brain and body. This increases the health and efficiency of the entire system.

    The energetic holds and clearance of energy blocks happens almost constantly in the kundalini transformation. The main thing in kundalini transformation is feeling cramping tension building in various muscles groups, then feeling the release as the muscles open, which can be mild or strong, and feeling the tingling sensation as new energy flows into the opened area. Another phenomena of the kundalini transformation, is feeling vibration constantly working in the body and each day it gets noticeably stronger.

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