Chapter 4: What Is Human Metamorphosis?

    “Human metamorphosis is the transmutation of the physical body into a body of light, done by our higher-self. By transforming ourselves we become a creator.” - Betsy

    Our Minds Are Expanding With The Universe

    Over the long evolution of human beings, what is evident from our archeological record of our human ancestors is that the size of the skull is getter larger and more complex over time. The primary difference between species of human beings has been a growing capability of the brain. We can look through our history and see these brain changes as, the start of religions, the Renaissance, the age of enlightenment, the age of the agricultural revolution, and today with the information age. This shows that our brains are expanding in ability and our collective knowledge is increasing over time for human beings.

    Part of this is positive and part of it is negative. Positively, as we evolve our energetic vibration is getting stronger, so we can accumulate more information and have greater storage capacity. Negatively, there is a limit to how long this can go on and how much information we can store because of the organization of the brain and the current human DNA pattern expressed.

    Current scientific information about the cosmos shows that energetic vibration and speed is increasing in all objects since the Big Bang and continues to increase over time, not slowing as previously thought. This means that all objects under the influence of cosmic vibration are vibrating faster, and will continued to do so, which I feel is the primary reason for evolution. Increasing vibration means the same as ‘we are in a growing process!’ With any form of life, there is always a beginning and an end to the life cycle, no life form goes on forever.

    Everyone knows that the sun is what causes things to grow on Earth. Without the energy source of the sun, nothing would exist and thrive on the Earth. The sun is our nearest cosmic influence, and it is burning hotter and vibrating faster as it ages, which of course makes us vibrate faster too. It is not illusion that we are moving faster and things are speeding up around us.

    My Big Bang Theory

    I believe there will be many Big Bang events in the cosmos. I think every Big Bang has a beginning and an end, yet the process is eternal. The Big Bang is one huge growing cycle, the beginning is the massive explosion of all matter from a black hole, and the end is all matter gradually being sucked back into another black hole. You can liken the beginning as accumulation of much material in a black hole, and all that material to be like an acorn seed. The acorn seed has all the instructions needed to make the mature form of the oak tree. Then the acorn seed explodes into tiny pieces and each piece holds a kernel of the same instructions to form the tree. As the pieces explode outward and coalesce, they all gain mass over time because they are in the growing stage. As the pieces coalesce, they eventually form the tree. The tree does not vibrate so fast, as energy is locked into form. When the tree is near the end of its life, it starts to break down. As the structure slowly dissolves, energy is released from the solid structure and collects as a vortex along its core. When all the energy is collected into the vortex, the tree dies and the shell that remains is returned to the earth. Yet, the seeds produced by that tree over its lifetime go on. Owing to the experience of years of living as the oak tree and the growing force affecting all living objects, the DNA in the new acorns is not the same. The acorn contains new instructions for the next round of life. When the seed is planted, the new lifecycle begins.

    From the Big Bang, the growing force is in place everywhere while the material is moving as increasing speed. As material increases speed, vibration accelerates. This is evidence of the growing process that we experience and witness daily. Eventually a point will be reached when the structure developing across the universe from the material of the Big Bang, will run out of steam. This will happen when all the life forms have reached maturity and the structure gets too weak to support the weight and is ready to transform. At this point all material will decelerate which is the dying process, will collapse and be pulled and collected into a new black hole. Yet, the reality is that while the forms will die, the energy behind the form is eternal and do not die. In the collective energetic form of the entire universe is a new seed and cycle of life, which can recreate once the next Big Bang happens. This will be a different cycle and we will be part of it eternally or not? I had a vision about this years ago, that what intelligent life was trying to do ‘on the grand scale’, was to prevent our destruction in the physical Big Bang cycle. The Big Bang cycle of creating intelligent life forms such as human beings on Earth, has been going on for a long time and collectively we do not see how to get out of the big repeating loop that always destroys the forms. If this is true, it is quite the problem! Perhaps if we enlighten ourselves and live in another etheric dimension, then we can escape from the cycle of material destruction.

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