Structure Of Personality Is An Intermediate Form

    Many people think our spiritual energy is dormant; lying coiled somewhere waiting in the wings for the right opportunity to jump out. However, it not dormant, rather it is used for an important intermediate evolutionary step of development of the personality. Before a new step in evolution can happen, the prior step must be completed. Many people are still building the personality. Building the structure of the personality is the activity of accumulating energy from experiences into our self-image, which later will be the fuel for the metamorphosis that will follow, as this structure breaks down.

    People Today Have Big Egos

    Most people are in the state of having evolved structures of personality and big egos, as we are all growing along the same evolutionary timeline together. A big ego means the structure is getting heavier, the mind is becoming more complicated and more energy is needed to project our illusion. Big egos are not a bad thing, what they represent is that enough energy has been accumulated in experience. Another way to see it is that over time the aspect of self that exists, as personality gets heavier with more energy as the structure expands. As egos enlarge, the static heavy weight creates an inherent weakness, and the structure of personality is near the breaking point, where transformation to a new species is eminent.

    Large egos exerting their influence in an increasing population is a contributing factor to poverty, super-rich, war, pollution, stress, violence and destruction of natural resources. This should not be seen as negative because large egos mean we are ready to transform, it is simply our current reality. Increased cosmic vibration creates pressure when we refuse to change and adapt to the growing force. This pressure and pain is what motivates us to let go and be open to change and evolve. An evolutionary step happens in this way with the old form eventually reaching its practical usefulness for survival and continued growth, it wears out, and energy from that old form is used to build the new form.

    When the old breaks down, there will be tears as transformation is always difficult! However, as the old is breaking down, the new is built simultaneously and there is great joy. The truth is, all is transformation, nothing is lost and nothing is gained, when one thing goes away, another takes its place, we are eternal and will have many shapes into the eternal future.

    An Evolutionary Step Happens When Higher-Self Is Recognized

    The more problematic our ego becomes, the more driven we are to discover the root of our problems. When we finally turn our attention towards our true self, it is the important first step to begin our journey of self-realization. Through the practice of daily meditation, we will eventually become aware of the mind-chatter and later can observe the phenomena, of ‘activated personality’ arising when it happens in our life.

    We take an evolutionary step when we recognize the invisible source energy behind our visible reflection as our true self. We see through the pretender and realize we are the intelligent source behind the mind and not the thinker. Ultimately, this recognition is possible because of our brain organization with the capability to self-reflect. We use our mind to query ourselves. At this time, confusion naturally arises and the question, “Who Am I?” arises.

    This self-recognition happens in the space when we suddenly forget ‘the me’. A quiet mind, absent of thinking is the requirement for this event to happen. This can happen in various ways, in meditation, by praying intensely, by getting very quiet to hear an answer, from a sudden shock or trauma, by looking at a spiritually creative art work or something beautiful in nature, to name a few. Through self-questioning and asking, "Who Am I", each of us will eventually discover that we are not the reflection; instead, we are the source energy behind the reflection.

    Dissolving The Structure Of Personality

    When this fact is seen first hand by the questioner, then it is the beginning of the end of the old structure of personality, it has served its evolutionary purpose. After this truth is realized, there is no longer a need for the existing brain organization and transmuting the structure of personality to free-form awareness in the body has begun. This event is known as spiritual awakening, and is an important turning point in our life, where we seek connection with source rather than be attached to external forms. We are on the path of spiritual growth.

    Once we know this fact, we often turn attention to ourselves and practice meditation. Meditation is gratifying because when we unite with higher-self we feel loved and complete and we learn about our other layers of conditioning. We see that when we act in conditioned ways out of personality that it causes harm to self and others and keeps us from love. We continue to meditate and query ourselves and let go of our conditioned responses one-by-one. Our awareness increases and each day we feel more loving and compassionate. We respond to life events in creative ways and help others. The meditative state becomes easier and starts to happen in daily life. Meditation is creating a space for our higher-self to emerge. The more we are quiet in mind, the more energy is released back to the pool of free energy in our living system, which then is used by our higher-self to make a change to our system. Briefly, this is the process of dissolving the personality. When we consistently work this way, the influence of the personality is gradually reduced and the influence of the higher-self is increased.

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