Caricature Of Personality

    Besides using our minds robotically, we also move our bodies in habitual ways responding to stimuli. Over time this programmed body movement (strongly related to programmed mind and facial expression), results in decreased elasticity all over the body. As we age, a caricature shape is reflected in our body and is especially notable in our face. We have a common saying for it, that as people age they develop character. For most our life, we walk the same way, we move our arms the same way, we present our smile and face the same way, we keep the same posture and we move our muscles the same way doing many things. These repeated voluntary movements of the body reduce elasticity of the mind and body and create energy blocks all over the body. A pocket of reduced energy in the body is known as an ‘energy block’. An area of muscular tension from overuse or strain, or an area of under use characterizes an ‘energy block’ with little energy getting to it. In both scenarios, that area of the body suffers from attrition. In a typical adult human, there are thousands of energy blocks in the mind and body, which are due to habitual use of the mind’s programming.

    Phi – Golden Ratio – Divine Proportion

    In math and art, Phi, also know as divine proportion and golden ratio, is a mathematical constant approximately equal to 1.6180339887. Two quantities are in the golden ratio, if the ratio between the sum of those quantities and the larger one is the same ratio between the larger one and the smaller. The golden ratio is seen everywhere in nature, plants, fractals, skeletons and crystals. It seems a universal truth that life forms are more beautiful the closer they are to The Creator, or having a higher energetic vibration.

    Phi finds its fullest realization in the human form. The human body and face is based on the divine proportion. Human bodies have the possibility to reflect the divine proportion, because they were ‘created in the image of God’. The more measurements of divine proportions present in the human body and face, the more beautiful all people think a person is. This has been proven with experiments, whereby many people ranked a set of different faces from prettiest to ugliest with different ratios in the same way.

    When we grow spiritually, then the change we have made to ourselves by reducing the influence of behaving as conditioned personality eventually is reflected as a change to our physical appearance. The physical changes are moving toward this golden ratio and are gradual and barely perceptible on a daily basis. By doing daily meditation, we can change how we look as the body cells will change according to our energetic vibration. As it is below, so it is above. Very spiritual people often appear more attractive and younger than their physical age. I think we are instinctually attracted to the physical quality of the golden ratio in all life forms, because it reflects a God like quality that is the source of pure love, which we are all seeking.

    Facial Asymmetry

    When a baby is born, it has many measurements containing the divine proportion present in its face and body. That is a main reason why we are attracted to a babies face and want to love them. However, as people age our body and face tends to get lopsided, and we move away from the divine proportion. People gain character as they age.

    You can see the influence of the right-brain and left-brain mind, reflected in the body as the caricature of personality in most people. To see this, take any photograph with the person looking squarely to the front, bring it into a photograph editor, and split the photograph down the middle and dissect the face. Then make two photographs from the one photograph with a left-face and right-face image. When completed, you will notice that the two faces look entirely different. I have done this with a photograph of myself below.

    betsy mirrored new inbook
    From left to right: right-face mirrored, original photo, left-face mirrored.

    Each face has different physical appearance reflecting the left-brain and right-brain and body responses of the person to life. One face will reflect dominance, defensive, protective or masculine side of the personality, whereas the other face will reflect receptivity, integration or feminine side of the personality. One face side characteristics reflect adaptation, integration and our ability to respond to new stimuli; it is our energy gaining or growth aspect. This can be seen as the survival adaptation or flight response. Our other face side characteristics reflect our ability to fight or protect what we currently have when encountering new stimuli; it is our energy protecting or self-preservation and survival aspect. This can be seen as the fight response.

    These effects in the body are due to our repetitive self-expression and get more pronounced with age. My theory is that an enlightened person will have a balanced face and body and will not move their body in repetitive ways. If you could realize the state of not having any conditioned habits and repetitive behaviors, you may stop aging and even reverse age, becoming like a baby or with the face of an angel.

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