Chapter 2: The Personality

    This topic is difficult to explain because of our tendency to identify with our personality. My mentor BeiYin has spent his lifetime writing about this topic, and I feel his words are a great way to open this topic. Below I have included his colorful description defining the personality and his answer that tells you how to go beyond it.

    “'Personality' is an illusion, created as part of the human condition and nature in its momentary state of evolution. Personality is like moving pictures projected to a screen. What you see seems real; people are talking, fighting, suffering, enjoying, etc. However, these are only lights and shadows on a flat and empty surface, although you see it in three dimensions and feel it is real. It is only an illusion of reality. You can go into it, engage yourself and try to change something about the pictures you see. On the other hand, your personality is changed through dramatic and traumatic influences, turning you upside down. Whatever you do and whatever happens to you, you are still caught in your illusion picture world, so keeping and holding your 'personality' intact. Of course, this is your most precious possession, because you do not know anything else and as you are bound and limited to it, you will defend it with all means. 'Personality' gives you the feeling of existence.” - BeiYin

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