Chapter 1: Overview

    To Survive We Must Learn To Spontaneously Adapt

    We have not reached our full potential as human beings, unless we can respond with full presence and spontaneity to our world as it unfolds. It is paramount that we learn how to do this, because if we do not our survival as a species is threatened. It is our habit of not being willing to change that contributes greatly to pain, disease, suffering and increased destruction in the world today. The ability to adapt to changing conditions is the evolutionary process that has been going on slowly in human beings over eons. These changes are evident in our archeological history, as changes in our brain and in the size and shape of all bones of the skull. It is theorized that the majority of human beings use a small percent of their brain potential. What is different today is that we are gaining extraordinary knowledge about how to increase our brain capacity, from the scientific side through studies of brain plasticity and biofeedback, and on the spiritual side, from people who have practiced meditation and worked with alternative therapies. Scientists and spiritualists are making amazing discoveries today about how we can increase our potential.

    Human Beings Are Created In The Image Of The Creator

    A long-standing spiritual wisdom expressed by visionaries throughout the ages is that human beings are created in the image of The Creator. Over the ages, enlightened people have promised that if we lead a spiritual life and follow certain guidelines, then we will receive amazing powers and be full of love and joy. Many people today claim to be enlightened but do they have Godly powers? It seems we get mostly what we expect and because the majority widely agrees about our limited potential, then what we get for living a contemplative life seems mediocre at best.

    There is truth to what the visionaries have said that human beings were created in the image of The Creator. The first thing human beings have, is the unique ability to process thought and make decisions, and to put our energy into the decision we made via action. We can focus our intention and manifest what we want to create. Human beings are creators. The second thing is we have a huge energy potential on reserve inside. We have sufficient energy to heal ourselves of any physical defect, disease or problem. We have sufficient energy to change our existing structure of personality in the mind to a different one. We can release this power to transform and heal ourselves by learning how to do it. It is sad to know we have this huge abundance of energy inside that could heal and transform us, and then to see many sick and dying people that do not know how to access our abundant energy reserve.

    When we cut our finger, the wound closes, the skin grows back, and the finger heals. In a little time there is no evidence we cut our finger. An obese person can undergo a strenuous exercise regimen and remain on a healthy diet, and change their appearance from obese back to a slim and muscular person. During this healing process, all the tissues of the body are changed. Intuitively we know our living body is a dynamic and changing system and our body will try to maintain a homeostasis because this is beneficial for our survival. Given we know this, the next question might be, if the body tries to maintain a homeostasis and there is sufficient energy available, then why are many people sick, have diseases, are unhappy or are dying? The answer is that it has to do with how we use and direct our energy, what we focus on grows stronger.

    The Game Of Personality

    Many people are unknowingly using their life-force energy to animate their personality primarily to get validation for their self-image. That concisely is the game of personality and this old habit uses most of our time and energy. Human beings are creating things all over the world, but mostly we create things with the motivation to gain something for ourselves. Because our eyes are focused on the visible aspects, our time and energy is used for materialistic creation and concerns of survival. Rarely is energy given with no idea to gain something for ourselves. It is mostly a dog-eat-dog world where most people are secretly trying to survive and outlast the other, to win and feel security from what they can gain. This prevailing materialistic attitude is the main reason there are wars, hatred, violence and much despair and sickness in the world.

    By playing this game, we are combative with others and the world’s resources are something to be owned, used or destroyed. When we are trapped in this survival game, we rarely feel compassion for other beings, because we cannot see beyond our own blinders. What we are essentially doing is striving to maintain a self-image that is a made up fiction. The self-image is not a real entity, but while we keep focused on our materialistic attributes of thinking and feeling, it seems real and we will remain in the mode to defend our self-image with all our means. We are living in a dream world we are weaving and are using all our energy to build and maintain our ghostly self-image. If we were not using our energy this way we would have abundant resources for self-healing, transformation of self and others and the world would be a much more loving, healthier and happier place. We would have peace on Earth.

    Healing Happens When We Sleep

    Most of us get a mini-healing each night when we fall asleep. Sleep starts at exactly the moment when thinking subsides. When we lay down to rest, this automatically raises our energetic vibration. When the energetic vibration gets strong enough, our internal healer stops the thinking and simultaneously, we fall asleep. During sleep, our internal healer goes to work to clean the damages sustained during the day and works on things in the brain that needs attention to maintain our health.

    After reaching maturity, if we are not aware of the game of personality then we will continue to divert all our energy to our personality and it will get more complicated and developed. As the personality gets larger, there are negative side effects, there is less energy to repair the body and our awareness level reduces. Over time, the growing personality becomes a heavy weight. As the personality gets bigger, it causes more damage each day to the system, and consequently more time is needed each night in the quiet mind state to repair the day’s damages. All of us will eventually reach the point when we age or get sick because the nighttime sleep cannot restore us to a healthy balance.

    Now here is the secret. To stop the building of the personality to larger proportions, we need to learn how to divert from using our energy that way. What we focus on, increases. If we learn to divert energy from animation of our personality, the side effect is energy stored in the personality releases. The personality dissolves and there is reduced influence of this structure on our life. The released energy is in the free and unformed energy pool of our body and can be used for healing and transformation to our light body.

    To heal and transform, each day we need to practice letting go of our old habit to chatter with our mind, which is the cause of animation of the personality. By doing this we will effectively get more time in the sleeping state, where healing automatically happens. This is difficult because we do not want to give up our precious time for something where it feels as if we are not doing anything and are losing control. When we divert energy from the old habit of animating the personality, we immediately feel a loss. It is difficult to allow the mind to settle and the first time we try it, it feels as if we are dying. Nothing could be further from the truth. Living our life as the personality is like living as a zombie, and when we are successful to let it go, we feel vibrantly alive with intense presence and feel full of joy.

    Evolutionary Advantage Of Being Human

    What distinguishes us from our ape ancestors and other animals is our advanced brain. With the complexity and current structure of our brain, it allows us to process stimuli picked up with our sensory apparatus by using reflected consciousness. As we live our life, events trigger memories of experiences and provoke thoughts and feelings, similar to what has gone before. This was an evolutionary advantage because it allowed us to compare past experiences to current ones and allowed more choices to respond to situations. We have an advanced capability to self-reflect, partly owing to mirror neurons in our brain, of which complexity is missing in other species.

    As things go, the existing model can always be improved and human beings are now facing that reality. When something has been in a specific shape for a long period, then it happens that the structure eventually becomes a burden. Static rigid forms are something that never last in nature. We know that a bridge has a solid shape and will not last forever. Wind, rain and the elements of nature slowly cause erosion and eventually the bridge will collapse. The world we can observe is flowing, changing and dynamic in nature. It can be argued that human beings die, because they have not yet learned how to be dynamic. It can be argued that the destruction we see around us with global warming, deforestation, pollution, loss of animal, insect and plant populations, is partly the result of human activity and decisions.

    Cataclysmic Change

    The reality is the old world is breaking down and simultaneously a new world is arising. This has to do with the law of energy conservation, that when one thing is destroyed it is changing shape to another form. Nothing is ever lost, the reality is transformation and that includes us. Even when we die, we do not lose ourselves, we only change shape. When our bodies can no longer support life, we leave it with the convulsions of the body in the death process.

    Huge forces of energy are released with a cataclysmic change of shape, such as when a bridge collapses, a person dies or when a volcano blows its top. The Earth will eventually experience a cataclysmic change because the growing force of the sun is increasing over time. Being bathed in the energy of the cosmos and owing to the principle of entrainment, when one object we are in contact with vibrates faster, we also vibrate faster. As the vibration of objects increases, it creates stress to static structures and causes them to develop fissures and cracks subsequently causing them to break down.

    There is a limit to how long a structure can thrive in the same energetic vibration range. Eventually the living form can no longer thrive in the increased vibration, which puts stress on the old form to evolve to the next level. This has been the Earth’s history over millions of years, as we see evolution through our archeological record. As the sun is getting hotter over time, the vibration of all objects it shines upon always increases. There will always be a level reached which forces a transformation of the entire biomass of the planet. This has happened many times in the past, and explains the growing life cycles on Earth. We are not aware of this, because the cycle is longer than our recorded history.

    Another way to see this is to look at one Earth cycle. Suppose there is a cataclysmic change with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and floods, and most life is destroyed on the planet. What are left afterward are organisms that can survive the onslaught, and from that DNA gene pool, the next round of species is grown. The planet is full of raw materials, as most was destroyed and pulverized in the last eruption. All life upon the Earth starts growing again and new species arise.

    Now zoom into our current cycle on Earth. We can look back and see when the last cataclysmic change happened, when the dinosaurs mysteriously disappeared, and know this is how long this cycle has been going on. From that moment to now, has been the history of humanity. We can imagine that the entire Earth’s abundance of raw materials released in the last cataclysmic cycle has been slowly transferred to the growing human population. To grow our population we need energy, and the Earth and Sun have been our sources. As the population increases, it puts more stress on the environment and all other living systems, as we need more energy to sustain the existing population. An infinitely growing population is unsustainable, and eventually we will reach a threshold where a cataclysmic change will happen to move our evolution forward and find a new balance. The same scenario occurred with the dinosaurs and we will face that precipice again.

    As population increases and resources deplete, it increases stress as well the stress induced by humanities increasing large egos themselves. Many people want more but there are limits to everything. As the biomass of the planet is transferred to the growing mass of humanity, eventually a breaking point will be reached and transformation will be eminent. As disease, violence and stress increase and as resources decrease, it causes even more stress on people. The increased stress is a sign of fracturing of the old structure. As stress increases, it becomes increasingly painful to remain the same, and this motivates people to drop identification with the old form of human being and push them to the next species.

    Our growing population creates stress in many places at once as we change and affect the landscape. By burning fossil fuels, over fishing, driving out native plants and animals, over developing, pollution and waste of resources, we contribute to planetary imbalance and increase the stress as a whole. Planetary stress moves us closer to cataclysmic change. Today, it is known that global warming is happening. Humans contribute to global warming by burning fossil fuels, but I believe the main reason the planet heats up is due to the current Earth cycle and increased energy from the sun. As the earth heats, the core gets hotter and this creates pressure. The pressure can only be contained for so long before it will find a way to release. From our past, we know that pressure releases in the form of volcanoes, earthquakes and tidal changes. After pressure is released, the Earth will cool again. What time this cataclysmic change will happen is unknown, but it does seem to be on the horizon of the next few hundred years. I suspect that surviving this violent upheaval will be humanities next global challenge. By accepting we are currently within a human metamorphosis period, we can survive this cataclysmic change by transforming our old structure to the new one. After we have metamorphosed into the new human form, we will be able to adapt quickly to the changed conditions and have increased ability to survive.

    Our Love Affair With Personality Prevents Adaptation

    The main thing that prevents us from adapting to changing conditions is our habit of responding to life in conditioned ways. We do this by responding to life with our mental ability, which we cannot help do because it is how our brains are structured. This results in our behaving as repetitious beings even if this behavior is not beneficial to our survival and well-being. It usually takes extreme pain or discomfort before we are willing to change our behavior. The disruptive forces occurring now on Earth can be seen as positive, because they motivate us to change.

    What prevents us from adapting to changing conditions is due to our identification with our personality. The personality is a collection of memories of experiences, including our beliefs about the world and our knowledge. Our personality is the ‘main asset’ we do not want to lose because it gives us a false sense of being alive. To keep this illusion going, we focus our attention inwardly and react with thinking and emotion, recalling memories and processing what has already gone by and is past. Then it is normal we make our decision about how to respond to life, from our reactive thinking. We often repeat, responding as we did before to something we feel is similar. This ‘old habit’ is why we respond in predictable ways and cannot respond in new ways to life, which is continually unfolding as new expressions.

    Personality exists owing to the current structure of our brain and is a stepping-stone to reach further steps in evolution. The personality allows us to self-reflect, and once we become aware of our true nature by using that ability then it has served its purpose. After spiritual awakening, the next step is to dissolve this structure thereby changing our brain to a new structure, which allows spontaneous response. Dissolving this structure happens gradually, each time we divert energy from the activity of mind-chatter.

    Arising Of A New Species

    Many of us have worked with self-realization for years. We are taking steps to change our conditioned behavior, by meditating and doing transpersonal work. As more of us do this, the collective worldwide self-realization level rises. When we stop responding like programmed robots and respond creatively to life, it causes changes to appear in the world. The more our self-realization level grows the less harmful and more loving these expressions are which reduces the stress of the world. This creative self-expression will then affect people all over the Earth through chain reactions. When one person changes in a new way, the world changes with them because we are connected. The more people that make a positive change, the more the world changes in a positive direction.

    Each day more of us respond in loving ways to situations that need help, versus the old way of us only acting for the purpose to gain something for ourselves. Each day more of us are awakening to the reality of living in the present moment. We are looking often to the outside, seeing what is really around, and responding to what is needed for the good of the whole. The good news is that the more of us who do this, it will put pressure on people who are not changing and by our example give them motivation to change. Therefore, we see that as the old structure is breaking down, a new one is arising simultaneously. This follows the laws of energy conservation, nothing is ever lost and nothing is ever gained, rather it is all transformation. Our current evolutionary challenge is to learn how to live as one with the cosmic transformational energy and learn how to ‘go with the flow’. When successful we will live in a new Earth as free, peaceful, loving, alive, energetic and flowing spiritual beings.

    I know it is difficult to believe that we are developing into a new species right now. We see in our archeological record that animals and human beings are evolving into different species over time. This metamorphosis of the human species is evident by rising awareness occurring in many people. Many of us that are awakened still do not know that self-realization manifests and is reflected as a change in the physical form, thus it is partly a metamorphosis or biological process. Einstein’s famous equation of E = MC² (Energy = Mass times the speed of light squared), tells us that every solid form is a vibrating mass of energy and all solid forms are composed of energy. Energy and mass are interchangeable. We are forms as well and a change in our consciousness is reflected on both sides of the equation.

    Evolution And Kundalini Transformation

    I feel we have been evolving into a new species over many eons and the instructions for this new human species have always been present in our DNA. I see that all life forms on Earth have the same instructions in their DNA, and thus all lower life forms are evolving to become like human beings.

    To survive and thrive, human beings need to learn to adapt to a world that is more quickly changing. As the sun ages its output of energy and vibration increases, which affects all living systems within its range, causing them to vibrate faster as well. The more our internal vibration accelerates the more stress this puts on our existing form, and provokes the necessity for us to change our form to adapt to the new external vibration.

    The sense of this evolution of human beings is we are developing into a new species that can respond and react to the events around us, away from duality or reflected response to one of unity or direct response in body. This is an evolutionary advantage because we can quickly adapt to the changing conditions around us as the vibratory field we exist in continues to accelerate. The alternative is for our form to be destroyed in the cataclysmic change, and start over which can take many eons to reach the level of our current physical form.

    There is an acceleration of human metamorphosis today evidenced by numerous things such as planetary stress, increased neurological symptoms, disease and larger numbers of people spiritually awakening. People who have done spiritual work over the years (past lives count) can detect the difference between quiet and noisy mind, and work with this metamorphosis. The changes occurring in the body are preparing for the ability to move the body and react to stimuli without needing thought. What many people are encountering is uncharted territory, and history supports the notion that this has never happened.

    Spontaneous body movement is not like the voluntary movement of the body that we are used to doing. To have awareness with all our attention in the ‘present moment’, it needs a quiet mind, and to do that we must have the same capability in the body. As the nervous system changes gradually in quiet mind states, the body changes with it. The kundalini transformation is creating a new light body that can respond without the need for 'reflected thought'. To move voluntarily, we think and make a decision, and then the muscles get the signal and the body moves. All of this takes precious time. To move spontaneously we move without thinking about it.

    Another reason for the metamorphosis is understood sometime after we recognize our true nature as intelligent energy. We see we have a God-like nature and understand that we have created ourselves and our ultimate destiny is to be a creator. You learn how to become a creator by going through physical transformation of recreating yourself. Once you have learned how to do that, then you can change your form again when you feel it is necessary to do so. This ability itself is the prime one that allows us to adapt to increased vibration and live in a ‘different world’. We are not currently aware about this world, as it is not physical like the one we know today and exists in another dimension. The ability to transform ourselves is ultimately about moving to another plane of existence that protects us from being destroyed from these physical cycles.

    The Second Awakening

    There have been several enlightened people in the last thousand years and major religions have been established around these rare people today. I see this as the first mass awakening of humanity and there were only a handful of people. It seems every culture has one person resulting in the major religions of today. Many religions have a common belief these enlightened souls will come back to Earth at an ‘end time’ to save the rest of us or bring us to enlightenment. How I understand it, is these people were like forerunners leaving us with information on how we could achieve what they did. Their teachings are the doctrine of the major religions. Humanity has had the essential information needed to awaken for thousands of years. Many people over all these years have listened and led contemplative lives, and thus we get the result today that many people are awakening.

    I think we are now in a second mass awakening of humanity, where many people will become enlightened like those few from our past. I think the second awakening is about becoming enlightened ourselves; it is not about people returning to save us! This time, there will not be a few sages scattered in far reaches that alone possess the information we need for enlightenment. The information from previous enlightened masters has been around for a long time and anyone seeking information to become enlightened can easily obtain it.

    To be clear, the old paradigm of being believers or following religions, gurus, sages, masters or enlightened ones that worked in the past, is not what it is about today. We have all the information we need to become enlightened, our task now is to become it. The time to start is now, because we do not know when the full-blown cataclysmic change will trigger. What we each need to do is have the desire to change and then start asking the questions. Then we can change our programming and renew ourselves. When we ask essential questions about our true nature, we will receive the answers we seek. Please do not be led astray and miss the awakening that is happening now. The message today could not be clearer: DO NOT FOLLOW ANYONE! Rather find the light you already possess that is inside each of us and can be found simply by starting to look for it. The truth is we all have the information and we all have direct access to it. We only have to turn our focus from the outer world to our inner world, and we will find our answers there. Each answer we receive enlightens us and moves us closer to full enlightenment with our light body.

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