Human beings are currently evolving into a new species, popularized as the light body. Each day more people are experiencing kundalini awakening symptoms, which are signs of our human metamorphosis. Our light body starts to grow when our vibration is high enough to activate DNA instructions that exist in our genetic code. The growing force that permeates everything is increasing the vibration of all objects over time. Eventually we reach a point where the old body design can no longer thrive in the increased vibratory field and a species wide metamorphosis is triggered. That is where we are at today. We have no knowledge about our evolution to a new species because our recorded history is not long enough. When it happens to people today they have no idea about what is happening to them, and there is little information about it. For this reason, I share my story of transformation to my light body as well my theories about how and why this is happening.

    I had the typical American life, growing up in small towns in a military family and we moved often. After getting a college degree, I married, had children, and enjoyed the suburban life in a city with all the material comforts. Life seemed great but unbeknownst to me, an inner darkness was growing and eventually nothing I gained satisfied me. Around this time in 1990, I investigated spiritual topics and started to meditate. From then on, I did meditation twice per day and worked with alterative therapies over the years. In 1999, I had a spiritual awakening with a barrage of kundalini symptoms. I quit my job and my focus after that was on self-realization. In late 2005, when working with Reiki, I started having kundalini awakening symptoms. In January 2006, at forty-seven years, the full-blown kundalini transformation triggered. When it happened, I had no idea what it was so I searched the Internet for answers. I found the name for this phenomenon was kundalini awakening. Back then, there was little support and information about it. I had many questions and wanted to talk to someone who had been through it. There were a few groups in the Internet, but I could not find answers for my immediate concerns. It was a difficult time because my family and friends thought I was crazy, which made me feel more alone.

    Fortunate for me, my intuition worked well and I got the answers I needed to continue in the transformation. Many of those insights I share in this book. I would have loved to find a book like this. It would have helped me understand this is a long process, much sooner than I was willing to admit and it would have given me ideas how to handle the different situations that arose.

    It is common that kundalini awakening symptoms appear suddenly, and people tend to think there is something physically wrong. Many people go to a doctor, who cannot find the cause and will tell them there is nothing wrong. I publish my book primarily for those going through kundalini awakening, to let you know you are not alone, the transformation is real and you are not going crazy! The opposite is the case; you are becoming wide-awake.

    When my kundalini awakening started, I did not think there was something physically wrong. I knew what the cause was, because I had been working for years to increase my self-realization level. I was elated to have this happen, but also surprised at how intense and amazing the symptoms were. I strongly felt it had evolutionary importance, so I went to physicians and wrote to people in professional fields, offering them the opportunity to observe and record this amazing phenomenon. I think most did not believe me and thought I was crazy as nobody accepted my offer. I feel physicians soon will report these phenomena, and then this book will interest physicians, consciousness researchers and researchers of human evolution and morphological processes.

    Part I, of this book discusses the current evolution of the human species and the acceleration of human metamorphosis occurring today, owing to the increased energetic vibration we are living in. Human evolution is synonymous with self-realization, a gradual and biological process, moving us toward a new species with a light body. Learning about kundalini transformation is important, because it is a question of our continued survival.

    When the kundalini transformation was well under way, I had no doubt that I was changing into a new kind of human being. When we look at the human fossil record, there is ample evidence that human beings have been various species. I know it is difficult to accept that human metamorphosis is occurring now. In 2006, I made a new website for kundalini awakening where I blog and write articles about my journey. Since that time, more people contact me each year, reporting they are going through it. My experience is evidence that kundalini transformation is occurring and the experiences of many people that write me as well.

    Part II, discusses the two aspects of the human being. One aspect is formed and physical and the other is unformed and spiritual. The first is the current physical structure of our evolutionary form as is reflected in most human beings today by the structure of personality. The second is the source energy behind that created structure, which I call the higher-self. Part II, discusses the current human being and what drives human evolution. I explain what the higher-self is and how the higher-self is the driving force behind this metamorphosis.

    Part III of the book discusses the mechanics of human metamorphosis and the main stages of kundalini transformation. It has a chapter to define kundalini terms and has my conclusions about the kundalini transformation and common questions and answers about kundalini awakening. Part III, answers questions such as:

    Are humans evolving to a new species right now?
    What condition triggers evolution to a new species?
    Is self-realization a biological process?
    How does metamorphosis happen in a living form?
    What triggers activation of DNA strands?
    What are the stages of self-realization and kundalini transformation?

    Part IV, is my kundalini testimonial, which is the core of the book and consists of a journal of daily notes, insights and dreams. When the kundalini awakening started, I took notes each day about what was occurring and what I did. This journal covers the period of November 1, 2005 to December 31, 2006, which is approximately the first year. After the full-blown kundalini awakening, I did a self-guided fulltime retreat for three years. I went into isolation, removed distractions and only did bare necessities such as cleaning and eating. During this time, I did around twelve-thousand hours of meditation, Reiki acupressure and stretching sessions. The intensity of the workouts grew so strong that I could let go of body control and my body moved spontaneously. Often there was extreme tension in the body, which became unbearable and I would have to do a session to get relief. In a few hours, the tension would return. Each day I prayed it would finish and wondered how much longer. I often thought this day was the hardest and then would face more difficulty the next day. If I would not have recorded this information, I would have little memory today of it. Each time I read these notes, it takes me back to how it was when I went through it. As of April 2012, I am in my seventh year of the kundalini transformation; I make great progress and feel it will finish soon.

    Kundalini transformation is a private matter and I feel vulnerable sharing such detail with the world at large. However, I felt it was worth the risk to publish because increasing numbers of people are going through the transformation and little information is available. My heartfelt mission is to help people awaken and publishing this may help others.

    The contents of this book are from my experience and are not copied from other sources, besides a few quotes. If I have written something similar to published material, then it is here because I came to the same conclusion. Having experienced kundalini transformation is my qualification for writing this book. I do not claim this information is factual or that I have all the answers about it. Kundalini transformation occurs to me, and I try my best to make sense of it. The conclusions I reach in this book are my ‘current theory’. I say theory because I cannot be sure it is valid. I do not seek validation for my theories. Validation is only interesting for the personality. I am beyond the validation game of personality and can easily drop my theories, when facts indicate they are no longer valid. Finally, my testimonial comes from observations colored by my history and interpretation, and therefore should not be considered factual.

    I have not edited the journal material to incorporate my current understanding of the kundalini transformation or to cover my naiveté while I went through it. I felt it was more important to relay how it was when I went through it, thinking others going through the transformation might therefore relate more closely to the experience. Hindsight is great; I see many mistakes and false assumptions I made and I am sure that I am making similar mistakes today. The reality is we do not know something until we have experienced it. That is how it is living on the edge of the unfolding present moment. Rising awareness is about letting go and adapting to changing circumstances, which includes letting go of things we believe may be true. I believe when this process finishes I will have more certain answers. I still have many questions about kundalini transformation, seek answers and welcome new insights.

    What is it like to be fully enlightened?
    What benefits will the new light body have?
    Can enlightened humans pass their genes to their children?
    How many people is this happening to today?
    Is there anyone currently alive that has completed this transformation?
    How long does kundalini transformation take?
    What happens at the end of the transformation?
    What is the average age of full-blown kundalini transformation?
    Is a species-wide human metamorphosis affecting all age groups?
    Why is this happening to many women when they reach the age of menopause?
    Are there striking differences in kundalini symptoms between men and women?

    My experience is not going to be like someone else’s experience, it is colored by my personality, by my constitution, by my spiritual work, by my history and finally by my physical reality. I had a difficult time with the transformation because I have a congenital defect with malformed hip, shoulder, neck and skull bones. When I felt intense pain, it was from opening and moving bones that had been fused and crooked since birth. With that said, not everybody is going to have a difficult time with this physically. However, I do believe that no matter the personal background, each person going through the kundalini transformation will be challenged. It is difficult to let go of all our resistance and allow the fire of transformation energy to consume us. Physical difficulty is proportional to nature and number of physical defects. Mental and emotional difficulty is proportional to remaining cognitive and emotional issues that have not been addressed. Always, the more we resist transformation, the more difficult and drawn out it is.

    Lastly, there is a glossary, which I recommend reading in full before diving into the journal. Reading it will help you understand the language I use for the transformation and symptoms. I invented terminology when I knew no other term for it. I have edited the journal to standardize my descriptions to fit the terminology so it is more consistent. I have created an index, with references to symptoms, insights and dreams, so be sure to reference it when needed to find items of interest.

    The greatest transformation of human history is happening right now and I humbly offer my personal testimony as evidence it is unfolding.


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