Acupoint is a small vortex of energy, palpable on the surface of the skin as a faint pulse, an entry point into a meridian pathway. These acupoints were determined long ago, by people that could feel energy on the body. They mapped the meridian pathways and acupoints along them. It is called an acupoint because in traditional Chinese acupuncture, it is a point on the body where the acupuncture needle is inserted for treatment.

    Acupressure is an energetic healing technique to apply pressure to acupoints along Chinese meridian pathways. This is the same principle as doing acupuncture, the difference being instead of using an acupuncture needle you use your fingers. The pressure activates the nervous energy moving along the meridian channel producing piezoelectricity. This acceleration is the source for the healing effect.

    Aura is a field of subtle, luminous electromagnetic radiation surrounding a person or object like the halo or aureoles of religious art. In people, it extends a few feet out in all directions.

    Black Void refers to a reaction that happens in the mind where there are waves of total darkness between being conscious. There is absolutely nothing to hear, see or sense and you cannot feel your body. It is total nothingness and is scary.

    Blanked Out is my term for an altered state of consciousness where there is a total absence of thinking and sometimes of feeling. Often there is no memory while in this state, yet you are aware it is occurring. It is like watching yourself sleeping. Time flies by fast where thirty minutes feel like one. It is common that hearing amplifies in this state.

    Blockage and Blocks refers to an area in the body where energy cannot flow freely at ideal level to maintain a healthy system. An energy block can be mental, emotional or physical. It is also known as energy being held as form by a person, owing to conditioned response patterns.

    Body Pull is a spontaneous stretch along the spine. There is a pushing action downward on the lower spine with sensation of pushing out at pelvis to extend tailbone with simultaneous pulling action along upper spine up through neck and skull to open top of spine in brain stem. It is like being pulled apart at both ends of body, and thus why I call it a body pull.

    Body Squeeze is a spontaneous stretch along the spine like a body pull but stronger. As the stretch reaction rises up the spine, it squeezes all the tissue, including rib cage, neck and skull. As the energy passes through chest and neck, the breath is held and vocal sounds are common. When energy passes through the skull, you go out of body or see blackness for a few seconds.

    Bliss Feeling is a healing reaction where you feel warm, tingly, calm, vibrantly alive, and free of any pain. It is similar to when you are in a deep sleep state.

    Brain Flash is a reaction that happens in the mind, with sudden explosion of light with inner view of a galaxy of stars followed by a completely quiet mind.

    Burning Lines is a healing reaction felt as a moving burning line going along a narrow path in the body, most often felt in muscles.

    C7 is an acronym for the seventh cervical vertebra, at bottom of base of neck. This is the big bump on spine at level of shoulders behind the neck.

    Center is an altered state of consciousness where your mind is quiet and your body is relaxed. Consciousness is withdrawn from the sensation of pain. You are aware and can easily feel and observe your body but do not identify with it, so do not feel transformation energy as painful. Deep center is less identification with the body, like Outer Space or OBE.

    Chakras are wheel-like vortices existing at different points along the spine. There are also chakras on the palms, soles of the feet, below the feet and above the head. There are seven chakras located along the spine and each is associated with a specific tone and color. The root chakra is in the perineum area. The sacral chakra is above the pubic bone by genitals and with sacrum in back. The solar plexus chakra is by the navel. The heart chakra is by the heart and thymus gland. The throat chakra is at the throat and thyroid gland. The brow chakra is on the forehead. The crown chakra is on the top of the skull.

    Chi is an energetic vibration found in all living things. Chi is frequently translated as "life-force" or "energy flow". I tend to think of chi as the interface between outer sensation in the body and inner reception of information to higher-self.

    ChoKuRei is the Reiki power symbol

    Cleansing Dreams are a type of symptomatic dream that results as a beneficial healing reaction after energy has worked in the mind. They manifest from mind reorganization owing to purging of programmed response patterns we no longer need. The dreams have elements of traumas, repeating scenarios and old history. After cleansing dreams have happened, the associated program no longer affects you in life and you do not have that dream anymore.

    Central Nervous System (CNS) is the part of the nervous system that integrates the information that it receives from and coordinates the activity of with all parts of the body. It contains the majority of the nervous system and consists of the brain, spinal cord and dura mater. Together with the peripheral nervous system, it has fundamental role of behavior.

    Cold Breeze is healing reaction, where you feel a cold windy, rushing feeling, like cool energy rushing up the spine, or cool rushes of breezes anywhere in body.

    Counterclockwise (CCW) Torso Rotation Session – A kundalini meditation session done while sitting either in a chair or on floor with legs to front. This reaction happens late in the kundalini transformation. The torso physically circles spontaneously around in a counterclockwise direction while the torso is stretched. This is owing to energy rising from tailbone and spiraling up around the spine as it moves upward. This reaction is effective to open tissues and popping, cracking and crunching sounds are often felt and heard.

    Cranial Extension & Flexion refers to the movement of the cranial bones in terms of a flexion and extension cycle owing to motion of the sphenoid bone, which completes one cycle in six seconds and last our entire life. This flexion extension cycle is the breathing of the cranium, and the sutures are there to accommodate the motion. In extension, the cranium narrows and elongates and the body goes into internal rotation, where an exaggerated example in the body would be pigeon-toed. Flexion is when the top of the sphenoid moves anterior, and the bottom moves superior. The movement of the rest of the bones is called flexion, even though their individual motions are unique. During flexion, the cranium becomes wider from side-to-side and foreshortens from front to back. During flexion, not only do the cranial bones widen, but also the body slightly rotates externally and broadens.

    Cranial Sutures are a type of fibrous joint, which only occur in the skull and sacrum. They are bound together by Sharpey's fibers. A tiny movement happens at sutures, which contributes to the compliance and elasticity of the skull and sacrum. These joints are synarthroses.

    Cranium (Skull) in human beings, the adult skull is normally composed of twenty-two bones. Except for the mandible, all bones of the skull are joined together by cranial sutures. Eight bones form the braincase, a protective vault surrounding the brain. These are one frontal, two parietals, one occipital bone, one sphenoid, two temporals and one ethmoid. Fourteen bones support the face. Encased within the temporal bones are the six ear ossicles of the middle ears, though these are not part of the skull. The hyoid bone, supporting the tongue, is usually not considered as part of the skull as it does not articulate with any other bones.

    Cranium (Skull) Plates – the rounded plate-like skull bones that are on top of the skull that form a protective encasing around the brain. These consist of the frontal bone, the parietals, the occipital, and the temporals. There are cranial sutures between all plates.

    DaiKoMyo is the Reiki master and empowerment symbol

    Distance Symbol refers to the Reiki long-distance symbol of HonShaZeShoNen

    Distance or Distanced from Self means not to identify with your thoughts and feelings, thus giving the ability to observe these reactions occurring in the mind and body.

    Distance Healing is an energy healing technique to send energy healing at a distance, without touching the person. This is possible, because at the energetic level there is no such thing as distance. All objects are interconnected with a web of energy, like living in an ocean full of fish. When one object moves, all objects feel the displacement or movement. There is no such thing as time on the energetic level; all times exist simultaneously.

    Double Helix Vortex is physical vortex that forms later in the kundalini transformation and encompasses the entire spine and shortly after this, it separates into two vortices like a double helix. One vortex encircles the spine internally in a clockwise direction and the other vortex encircles the spine physically on the outside in a counterclockwise direction.

    Drops of Liquid is a reaction where a tiny energy ball or drop of fluid is moving through the body, from mind or upper body to lower body. This may be due to a hormone release, drainage of lymph, or be a tiny energy ball.

    Dura Mater is the outermost of the three layers of the meninges that surrounds the brain and spinal cord, filled with fluid and is finely enervated. This structure is like a tough outer lining, which controls flexibility of movement and transfer of nervous energy along the entire cranial sacral system. It is likened to a physical structure that moves chi through the nervous system.

    Electric buzzing is a reaction with mild electric shocks going over an area repeatedly. It is commonly felt in the teeth.

    Elastic Sheets is a healing reaction felt on surface of body where the body area feels energized, tingly and elastic. This is most often felt localized in a small area. I suspect this is due to enervation of the fascia layer. A stretch reflex is often accompanied with the symptom.

    Electric Shocks are a healing reaction where it feels exactly like getting a mild electric shock, such as when touching a live electric wire.

    Elongation is a momentary sensation that a body part is gets longer, larger, or expands in size and shape. This may be due to sudden inflow of nervous energy after an energy block opens.

    Emotion Symbol refers to the Reiki symbol, SeiHeiKi, pronounced Say- Hay- Kee.

    Energetic Rotation is swirling energy localized in an area, most often felt in the joints.

    Energy Ball is a ball shaped swirl of strong energy felt in localized areas.

    Energy Circuit refers to a large nerve path strengthened or formed between two parts of the body or running along a channel in the body such as along the spine. When it forms it is felt as large movement or rush of energy moving along back and forth between the two parts of body.

    Energy Dancing is a fun term for allowing the body to be moved by higher-self.

    Energy Fill is a sudden inflow of energy into a large portion of the body, such as a limb, with the pleasant sensation the body part has melted, is warm, fuzzy or liquefied.

    Energy Massage is as if energy is massaging the muscles and is deeply relaxing.

    Energy Prickles are soft non-painful pinprick sensation felt near surface of skin.

    Energy Pummeling refers to a small area of the body being pummeled with strong energetic charges, that vibrate the area and can be felt as strong buzzing or vibration in that body part. It can be seen internally as flashes or explosions of light in the area.

    Energy Ray is a line of energy, emanating from a single source and projecting in a radial pattern toward other areas, such as the spokes of a bicycle wheel.

    Energy Spiral is a spiral of energy moving through body in a corkscrew shape.

    Energy Vortex refers to energy swirling around in the shape of a funnel or a spiral, having a point of origin where it has the smallest diameter, typically getting wider in dimension the further from the source of the flow. I call a strong energy vortex a tornado vortex. When there are two energy vortices traveling in opposite directions, re: one up and one down, such as one on each end of the spine, this then creates the shape of a double helix rather than a funnel.

    Energy Whorls refers to energy in pattern of a curlicue or swirl of energy localized in a small area of the body.

    Entrainment is the process whereby two interacting oscillating systems, which have different period when they function independently, assume the same period. The two oscillators may fall into synchrony, but other phase relationships are possible. The system with the greater frequency slows down, and the other accelerates while they work to assume the same period.

    External Rain is a symptom where sprinkles of water land on skin coming from above, as it feels when in the rain. I believe this is due to high body heat and high pressure in dura matter, which results from sweat squirting strongly from the pores and falling back on you. This symptom is most often felt on the face.

    External View refers to visual effects seen with the eyes that are not normal. An example is seeing sparkling lights in the air or more vivid coloring of objects.

    Facial Bones are the bones of skull that compose the face which include the frontal bone, sphenoid, nasal, lachrymal, volmer, ethmoid, palatine, zygmatic, maxilla and mandible.

    Fascia is the soft tissue component of the connective tissue system that permeates the human body. It interpenetrates and surrounds muscles, bones, organs, nerves, blood vessels and other structures. Fascia is an uninterrupted, three-dimensional web of tissue that extends from head to toe, from front to back, from interior to exterior. Fascia can relax and contract much like muscle fibers. The entire web of fascia can activate such as during flight or fight instincts.

    Follow the Leader refers to allowing higher-self to take control of mind and body, done by quieting the mind and relaxing the body, and allowing spontaneous movements.

    Fontanel refers to the area of the diamond-shaped anterior fontanel where the two frontal and two parietal bones join near top of skull, which is palpable in an infant.

    Freefall is a healing reaction, which follows after energy has risen to brain and done work there. After a change is made to the brain, new instructions are sent into the body. This is felt as tingling cascading energy with the sensation you are melting. There is no body tension or stretch reflex. It is a relaxing sensation and very welcome.

    Freestyle Session is a kundalini meditation, done by letting go of body control and allowing the body to move spontaneously. In advanced kundalini transformation, a sequence of yoga–like poses with holds and stretches results. Positions normally progress from standing, lowering slowly down to squat, then sitting with spinal twists and finally lying on back, stomach or side.

    Galaxy view refers to an internal 3rd eye viewpoint, which looks like the stars of the galaxy. When this visual image appears, you are often in an altered state of consciousness.

    Growing Force refers to the energy that causes things to grow, due to increasing vibration of the universe and all objects in the universe over time since the Big Bang. Ever since the Big Bang all objects continue to move faster and increase vibration. The growing force causes this to happen. The sun is the most obvious source of growing force for the Earth.

    Growing Phase, Growing Reaction is a state of reorganization in the body, after energy blocks have been removed, and nervous energy is moving around and making changes to the system. It is a resting phase where the stretch reflex subsides, body vibration increases and neuron growth explodes. This can be felt as elevated energetic vibration, tingling, numbness, prickles, muscle twitches, tones. Discomfort may or may not be felt. It feels like growing happens in body.

    Head Surgery refers to energy working in skull with high pressure in the skull typically with high body heat and facial sweating with little or no lower body movement. A small move is made to a cranial bone then there is a hold and this repeats slowly. You stay still in the center and have the sensation that you are healing your own mind. The skull work seems related to removing a body block, as later the area in body related to that area of skull is stretched.

    Heaven Symbol is another term for the Reiki symbol for emotions, SeiHeiKi

    Helix is like a coiled spring shape. A double helix is like DNA, with two coil shapes intertwined.

    Hip (Pelvic) Girdle consists of a pair of coxal bones (hipbones), each of which contains three bones: the ilium, ishium, and pubis. Together with the sacrum and coccyx, the pelvic girdle forms a bowl-shaped region, the pelvis or pelvic bowl.

    Higher-self refers to the wise, non-thinking aspect of self that exists as sentient soul or spirit energy. This is the source of our energetic vibration, insights, and healing capacity, yet has no form. It is our true self but is invisible.

    Hold, Holds refers to the body being held rigid in a fixed position with strong muscle tension felt in a small area, such as a Charlie horse cramp. This most often happens on vertebrae in spine, shoulder bone, pelvic girdle bone, jaws or skull. A hold lasts from fifteen to sixty minutes. A painful sensation is felt with energy pummeling strongly through an area. The hold suddenly stops and simultaneously the area opens. A pleasant sensation is then felt as energy rushes into the previously blocked tissue.

    HonShaZeShoNen is the Reiki distance symbol.

    Inguinal canal is a passage toward the front of the body in the abdominal wall which in men conveys the spermatic cord and in women the round ligament.

    Inner sound refers to a tone heard by the ears, owing to some movement or event in the body, most often in the brain, rather than being externally perceived.

    Insect Biting is a healing reaction stronger than energy prickles or stinging prickles. It feels like an insect is biting you and taking a tiny chunk of flesh.

    Insect Crawling is a healing reaction exactly like insects crawling on the skin.

    Insight refers to an understanding of cause and effect based on identification of relationships and behaviors within a model, context, or scenario. The understanding is received intuitively.

    Internal View refers to what you see when your eyes are closed. Images can be seen as well flashing lights and colors.

    Internal Rain is a healing reaction with the sensation it is raining inside your body, perhaps owing to sudden and profound drainage of the lymph. The rain moves from top of body down, and you feel a sudden cooling.

    Intuition describes "thoughts and preferences" that come to mind without reflection. It is reception of information from the pool of universal wisdom and is received when the mind is quiet. It is often received as response to a question we wanted answered.

    Kundalini Transformation is synonymous with spiritual transformation and is a gradual and slow growing process resulting in higher levels of self-realization. As the transformation progresses your higher-self aspect keeps getting stronger and simultaneously, your lower-self or personality aspect gets weaker. The process is a biological metamorphosis.

    Ligament is a fibrous tissue that connects bones to other bones. Ligaments connect bones to other bones to form a joint. They do not connect muscles to bones; that is the job of tendons. Some ligaments limit the mobility of articulations, or prevent certain movements altogether.

    Ligament Snapping is a healing reaction, which I presume, happens owing to both ends of the ligament building an energetic charge. After charged, the ends contract and an externally audible snapping sound is felt and heard along the line of the ligament. This effect may be occurring owing to tendons snapping. This reaction may have purpose to increase range of mobility of joint or bone articulations. I think it is a permanent enervation of the ligament and is a capability of the new body that becomes elasticized.

    Long Distance Symbol refers to the Reiki long-distance symbol: HonShaZeShoNen

    Mantra is a sound, word, or phrase continuously repeated as a prayer, used in Hindu and Buddhist religious practices for meditation.

    Master Symbol is the Reiki empowerment symbol, DaiKoMyo

    Meditation is a time to practice placing attention on an object that is the meditation focal point not requiring thought. During the time, you repeatedly reset focus to the focal point whenever you notice you are thinking. This practice is done to gain skills at attaining quiet mind and higher state of consciousness. The meditative state is synonymous with quiet mind.

    Memory Loss refers to a symptom resulting from being in an altered state of consciousness, where you do not observe external events and thus are not recording memories and cannot remember what happened afterward.

    Meridian is a chi energy pathway in acupuncture for Chinese medicine. Chi energy concentrates and moves along several well-used paths in body owing to common human movement patterns, which travel through the neuromuscular junctions and mainly follow the lines of the skeletal bones. Each meridian forms a loop or circle in the body. There are fourteen well known meridians: lung (LU), heart (HT), pericardium (PC), triple heater (TH), small intestine (SI), large intestine (LI), spleen(SP), kidney(KD), liver(LV), gallbladder (GB), urinary bladder (UB), stomach (ST), conception vessel (CV) and governing vessel (GV). There are charts available showing the path of each Chinese meridian in the body where there are palpable points along it known as acupoints. In the journal, specific acupoints are referenced by using the meridian abbreviation letters followed by the acupoint number. For example LU14, refers to lung meridian, acupoint 14.

    Moving as Being is an advanced kundalini state, where the body has enervated enough so that higher-self can move the body when mind is quiet and body is relaxed. Spontaneous body movements happen to open larger muscles and tight skeletal joints.

    Neck Stretch is a spontaneous stretch upward in upper spine with purpose to open upper parts of spine including shoulder girdle, neck and skull bones at top of spine on up into brain stem. Neck stretch can occur simultaneously with pelvic push in which case I call it a ‘body pull’.

    Neuron Connections are localized area of synapse formation, very fine, and felt as subtle tingling or shimmering. It is like a fractal pattern branching into smaller units.

    Neuron Growth refers to an explosion of synapse formation either in tissue of body or in brain. In the body, it is felt as waves of tingling rushes and because it can be felt in body, I presume it is due to synapse growth in the neuromuscular junctions. Neuromuscular junctions do not exist in the brain. Perhaps the symptom of neuron growth in brain is rather that of internally seeing flashes of light and or hearing inner sounds.

    Neuromuscular Junction is the synapse or junction of the axon terminal of a motor neuron with the motor end plate, the highly excitable region of muscle fiber plasma membrane responsible for initiation of action potentials across the muscle's surface, ultimately causing the muscle to contract.

    OBE (Out of Body Experience) is an altered state of reality that results when consciousness withdraws from the physical body. This state can happen spontaneously, when there is extreme pain in the body, and is done to protect the person while intense healing happens and to make the healing process more efficient. It is a very different world and experience than anything Earthly. After the work finishes, you enter the body. It is common while having an OBE that you see your body lying below from a position above it.

    Observer refers to pure observation mode when you are as one with your higher-self. You are aware and observing but not using your mind in any way. It is direct and clear sight.

    Oscillator Oscillation is the repetitive variation, typically in time, of some measure about a central value (often a point of equilibrium) or between two or more different states. The oscillating movement creates an energetic vibration. Used in this book, an oscillator it is like the copper coil I use for healing that is the heart of a motor, which generates electricity.

    Outer Space refers to an altered state of consciousness with quiet mind. Your consciousness is more withdrawn from body than when you are in Center. It refers to a state between Center and OBE. You feel little body sensation and the inner view is like that of the galaxy, thus its name. Time passes quickly and you feel energy moving rapidly in your body.

    Padded Bone Feeling refers to a sensation of a cushion of air or energy enveloping a bone and you feel it move in a gliding, easy, smooth way. This may be due to enervation of cartilage.

    Palpate is the act of feeling or examining the body through the touch of the hands or fingers.

    Piezoelectricity is electricity produced by pressure and is one of the known bridges between the mechanical and energetic worlds. Pressure on bone or a meridian acupoint initiates an electric current. Bone resonates with the vibration of impact. A meridian activates and starts moving energy along the channel. If a metal beam is hit, it rings. The force of impact translates into vibration. The beam or channel is set in resonance.

    Pelvic Push is a spontaneous reaction to push downward through lower spine in the pelvis area, much the same as a woman pushes while in labor or when having a strong bowel movement. This has the purpose to open lower parts of spine including, lumbar spine, sacrum, and pelvic bones, and to extend and straighten the tailbone. The pelvic push can occur simultaneously with the neck stretch, in which case it is called a body pull.

    Pelvic Rocking happens while lying on stomach or while sitting and is a kundalini reaction. An energy vortex in pelvic bowl activates the hip girdle, which subsequently causes a movement in each hip socket alternating from left to right, which causes a rocking motion. This motion is similar to sexual intercourse and often results in sexual orgasm. The movement is more pronounced after the double spine vortex forms.

    Physical Rotation refers to a rotation of energetic vibration that is so strong it can be felt in the body and can cause spontaneous movements often in a rotating manner.

    Puff outs, puffing out refers to energy puffing out, expanding or ballooning in a small area of the body.

    Power Symbol refers to the Reiki symbol, ChoKuRei, pronounced as Show-Koo-Ray.

    Sacrum Flex is the sensation and reaction of the sacrum bone articulating, flexing upward or downward between the hip sutures.

    SeiHeiKi is the Reiki symbol, known as heaven or emotional symbol and is pronounced Say-Hay-Key.

    Session refers to a kundalini meditative session that I did to allow higher-self to move my body or I would meditate if there was no body tension. I typically started with a freestyle session then would end in a certain body position where the majority of work was concentrated or maybe I would only sit in a hold. When the stretch response is strong, there is a twisting vortex of energy rising physically up the spine in a counterclockwise direction which when it reaches the base of the skull turns the skull in the same direction. Different body positions facilitate certain bone movements as is amply described in the journal.

    Shaktipat (from Hinduism) refers to the conferring of spiritual energy upon one person by another. It is done through lying on of hands or long-distance via entrainment.

    Shoulder Crook refers to an area, where side of neck meets shoulder top (L shape), where the crook is the corner of the letter ‘L’. Deeper in this corner is what I call the crook, resulting from muscles within this area connecting to shoulder girdle, rib cage, going up side of neck and to various bones in skull. Much work is done in this area of the body and later in the transformation, an energy vortex forms there.

    Shoulder (Pectoral) Girdle is the set of bones, which connects the arms to the axial skeleton on each side. It consists of the clavicle and scapula bones. The only joints between the shoulder girdle and axial skeleton are the sternoclavicular joints on each side. It is as if the girdle floats over the chest and back, allowing for greater range of motion of upper body.

    Skull Turning is a kundalini reaction, which typically happens while lying on the stomach. A twisting vortex of energy rises physically up the spine in a counterclockwise direction, which when it reaches the base of the skull, then turns the skull in the same direction. The purpose of this movement is to open and elasticize the fascia, ligaments, tendons, muscles and cartilage of the shoulders, neck and skull and to separate all cranium bones.

    Stinging prickles refers to a healing reaction of prickles that sting, like that of being stuck with a needle or of being stung by a bee. Normally felt on or near surface of skin and are perceived as painful. Synonyms are pinpricks, pins & needles and bee stings.

    Stretch reaction refers to energy charges building in certain muscle groups, then when a physical motion is performed with those muscles, the energy precedes the physical movement and ‘opens’ the tissue microseconds before the physical move is made. This leading energy movement disperses the tension in the field, releasing held energy and clearing blockages and adhesions in the body.

    Sun Session refers to my meditative sitting outside in the sun, where I had my feet on a large flat quartz crystal, often held a 12” copper ring, invoked the Reiki symbols, and sometimes did acupressure. Doing all these things together would strongly raise my energetic vibration. Most of the time I meditated and observed energy flows in my body, and allowed my body to relax and move spontaneously.

    Surrender means to cede control of the mind and body by lower-self to higher-self. You cede control by focusing on something, which does not need thought, such as a feeling occurring in the body. When quiet, you are in the meditative state. It is like lower-self is sleeping and higher-self is awake. The surrendered state is when higher-self is controlling body and mind.

    T1 is an acronym and refers to the first thoracic vertebra, at bottom of base of neck. It is first thoracic vertebrae under big bump (C7) on spine above the shoulders.

    Tailbone Tuck After energy has formed into a vortex in the pelvic bowl, it sometimes happens that this energy is discharged down the spine, and the tailbone reacts by tucking into a curled shape toward the genitals. A strong sexual sensation is typical with this event. In early kundalini transformation, it is less pronounced and can be felt as sudden rise in sexual energy, spontaneous orgasm, or having feeling of fluttering in the tailbone area. Later on in the kundalini transformation, the tailbone physical moves.

    Teeth Snaps refer to a healing reaction when it feels like the teeth snap with a long rubber band attached to them. It can happen to each tooth or only to a few. It feels like teeth are flying out of the mouth. I believe this is due to ligaments snapping.

    Tension and tension release refers to muscle tension in a localized area, which has varying degrees of discomfort. I believe this reaction is due to electric potential energy charges building in opposing muscles groups related to a bone that needs to be realigned. When tension builds to its maximum, transformational pain can be strong, but soon after, the muscles contract and stretch, the tension is released and the bone moves, giving relief. It is also used to refer to stored tension of the personality being held in fixed form, releasing from the cord of personality.

    Third eye is a sensory structure, located behind the middle of the forehead in the brain, capable of receiving visual images, information and communication with higher planes of existence. This structure is receptive when the mind is completely quiet.

    TMJ is an abbreviation for the temporomandibular joint, the joint of the jaw. There are two TMJ’s, one on either side of the head. The name is derived from the two bones, which form the joint: the upper temporal bone, part of the cranium and the lower jawbone, called the mandible.

    Vortex Ball refers to a large energy ball in shape of vortex. It forms in pelvic bowl or skull cavity at either end of spine. It can happen in both ends simultaneously.

    Whiteout refers to a healing reaction with a sudden blanket of silence with completely quiet mind and total loss of all sensory feelings, including sight, hearing, and sense of touch. You feel you have no body and are suspended in a white space. It is like being in a blizzard and not able to see anything.

    Windy Storm refers to a healing reaction where energy movement in the body can be heard internally and it sounds like a storm with strong winds.

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