Passing Threshold Of Chest Expansion, Tension Release From Body

    February 23: Surrender Work, Both Sides Of Body Activate

    It is 12:30 am and I am exhausted; I will try to surrender in bed. At 2:30 am, a different type of growing reaction is all over the body. First, heat started in the root chakra with a swirling feeling and then energy radiated to all parts of my body. I am tired but will do more.

    It is 9:20 am. In the night, it occurred to surrender but I am still confused what it means. Sitting, the growing reaction is strong, the buttocks are humming, the root chakra is swirling and my stomach is rumbling.

    11:30 am: I did a surrender session. I started with Reiki, which helped me to relax and feel less identified. Later I switched to holding my mind still, which quickly led to the sensation of higher-self taking over. I felt I stayed with it long enough to pass through some threshold. Later I felt tingly energy moving up through my body and then energy went downward with stretching and freefall. Tension releases from the cord of personality on the right side of body. It appears there are two cords of personalities, one on each side of the spine.

    From 12 to 1:30 pm: much tension releases and is pleasant. I often use my mind-voice to chatter, so I need to stay alert to keep going back to quiet mind. If I am busy with mind-chatter, the release of tension is less effective. Suddenly, pain was intense all over the body. The hips and shoulders rotated energetically and my neck was stiff. I went into surrender space, which seemed longer and easier than before. Energy activation started on the right side of body, then the left side activated, and then both sides together. Both sides of body activating together is what hurt. Later I did a freestyle session with stretching and moving as higher-self.

    From 4:15 to 5:30 pm: The marching music goes on inside. I did a standing stretch interspersed with growing phases. I used the ‘Personalado ende’ mantra. From 6 to 9 pm, I did a sitting session with legs out to front and slowly bending down. At end, there was increasing pain in right pelvis and right hip. I took it for about one hour and collapsed. Then I lay down and worked with surrender.

    From 9:45-11:45 pm: The marching music is strong which I think means I should stretch. There was intense skull work and a killer session of opening the TMJ’s. Then I did a stretch on both sides all the way down from head to toes. I can see that the energy goes out from the jaws. It seems all joints have to be in alignment all the way down to release tension from the cord of personality. I did a few upward stretches where I felt balanced in the spine. It felt amazing. There were many stretchy twists and crunches in the right shoulder, which dropped afterward with a huge relief.

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