What Are Kundalini Kriyas?

    Kriya refers to the outward physical expression of awakened kundalini and look like spontaneous yoga postures. A long time ago, kriyas occurred to people who meditated often, and these yoga-like poses are credited as the origin of modern yoga. Kriyas are spontaneous movements, because you do not voluntarily decide to move that way. A kriya happens unexpectedly. Kriyas happen due to higher-self, orchestrating the movement. Because higher-self does not use thought, it seems it happens spontaneously.

    Like other kundalini symptoms, kriyas can happen at any stage in our life. Everyone has experienced tossing and turning in the sleep, and seeing a mangled mess of covers in the morning. That mess of covers is our only hint we were moving spontaneously in the night. Most are familiar with the spontaneous stretch in the morning, when our body stretches to the maximum, our toes point and out arms go over our head and the entire body quivers. We did not decide to stretch like that, it happened. That is how a kriya feels.

    I feel kriyas have the purpose to remove energetic blocks out of the body, using the muscles and skeletal positions to help achieve that, by using leverage. The spontaneous movement of the kriya opens larger areas of the body. After having experienced many kriyas, I infer kriyas are working to separate the spine, cranial bones and all joints connected to the spine. Simultaneously they release the foundation of the personality, which is energy held at the deepest layer in the skeleton. The spine is the cornerstone of the body and must be fully released and remade. Over the course of kundalini transformation, kriyas become more frequent and involve larger portions of the body. They get so strong they are capable to move us into yoga-like positions while we are awake. Eventually the kriyas become continuous, fluid and non-jerky as higher-self becomes dominant in the new light body.

    The Kriya Stretch

    Kriyas happen due to charges building in paired groups of muscles in areas of the body holding energy blocks. After the muscles of a certain body area charge, they contract which causes a stretch reflex. The force of the stretch opens and energizes that area of the body. The kriya stretch itself is healing, strengthening neuromuscular junctions and is transforming energy. This kriya stretch can be active or passive. An active stretch involves movement of the body. In a passive stretch, the body does not move, stretching is occurring in the muscle fibers at a micro level, which I call an energetic hold. You feel the passive stretch as localized in the body with strong tension in the area, like a Charlie horse cramp in the leg.

    The kriya stretch is accompanied by pain similar to working out with a new exercise routine or moving in a way you are not used to moving. This pain is a symptom of energy transformation that is opening the area of the body, releasing held energy and healing the tissue. The active or passive kriya stretch will persist until that area in the body releases the tension. When the tension releases, it feels wonderful and nervous system healing reactions follow such as tingling, shivers, energy fills, elongations or puff outs.

    Kriyas Are Like A Baby’s First Steps

    As split-brained human beings, we move our body voluntarily, by deciding how to move. To move voluntarily needs heavy use of our mind, taking our attention from what is occurring in the world. This processing results in delayed response to outside events, which are unfolding in real time. We are rarely spontaneous. This is how the central nervous system is currently organized with its sensory and motor tracts. The new species of human that is evolving is retiring the split-brain organization of the brain and replacing it with a unified brain organization that allows immediate response to stimuli in real time. Of course, the new design is better, but we cannot create it until our self-realization is high enough.

    When we surrender control of our mind and body to higher-self, we are as one with our higher-self. When we are like this, mind reflection is bypassed and kriyas happen directly without conscious decision. In the beginning of kundalini transformation, we think the kriya is occurring spontaneously because we are not well acquainted with our higher-self. As the transformation continues, we identify less with our personality and more with our higher-self. When the kriyas first started, I felt I was moved against my will and had a victim attitude. Eventually my personality dissolved enough and I directly saw the truth, "I am doing the healing” and have been since it started. As we continue into advanced stages of the kundalini transformation, the kriyas fully take over and it is clear we are stretching to become alive in the flesh. The truth is kriyas are like a baby’s first steps; they are the sign of YOU coming alive and stretching to become alive in the flesh. Kriyas are awakening signs.

    It is only by surrendering use of our mind and body to the higher-self that the energy of the personality can be removed. We cannot remove something we are busy using. When we quiet our mind, higher-self arises and transformation and healing happens. It is a beautiful design, that transformation happens this way and makes perfect sense.

    Kriya Progression

    As kundalini transformation progresses, the central nervous system has increased capability to strongly charge and move the larger muscles of the body. When our mind is quiet, our body moves spontaneously and we are certain we did not decide to make the movement. Kriyas increase over time. The first kriyas are like small jerks or spasms and typically involve a small section of the body or a few yoga-like poses. After the reprogramming of the nervous system that happens with the full-blown kundalini transformation, there is increased ability to surrender control of the body to the higher-self. The first full-body kriyas feel like we are suddenly coming alive and filling with light energy, but still we do not move. From consecutive surrenders of body control, the higher-self and kriyas gradually get stronger. As we get stronger kriyas affect larger portions of the body. Sometimes we are positioned into yoga-like poses, and feel energy releasing from areas of the body related to the pose.

    As the transformation continues and the nervous system expands, the kriya movement becomes more flowing and yoga-like. This happens because the central nervous system has changed enough to move the body from a control center in the brain. The control center is wielded by the higher-self. Still the kriyas are not graceful like dancing and not enjoyable because they are done to open tissues in the body, and it feels more like an intense physical therapy. Eventually the kriyas will take over the body while in a meditative state. Sometimes the body moves fast and may roll around, similar to an epileptic fit. During these kriyas, it is common to hear bones and ligaments snapping and popping. When I was a few years into this, the kriyas were so smooth that you could not tell my body was moving with non-voluntary control. The kriya stretch became my focus, because allowing higher-self to take over body control was the most effective way to do the transformation. It is me after all.

    What Is Genuine Kriya?

    There are certain characteristics of kriyas and self-realization that cannot be faked. If a person is still identified with their self-image and is pretending it is easy to detect if you know what to look for. Not many people know what to look for and therefore cannot make a valid assessment for genuine kriya or self-realization.

    If you are awake, you can see if another human is awake and can be meditative. If you have experienced kundalini kriyas, then you know what genuine kriya look like. To explain what they look like is an invitation to those still in the pretending game of personality to mimic the pattern so they can get confirmation for being kundalini awakened. Nonetheless, it does not matter because when people pretend they rob themselves of real transformation. With kriya movements, there is the pattern of body movement in a counterclockwise direction. The energy inside the body moves clockwise as one vortex and the movement outside the body moves counterclockwise in another vortex. The physical body moves against that energy in the muscles in a counterclockwise stretch. These are the two energetic poles of the body. The rotation pattern is related to the gravitational pull of the Earth, moon and sun and is the same in all human bodies.

    Do All People In Kundalini Transformation Have Kriyas?

    Some people claim kriyas are not experienced by all people in kundalini transformation; they say they are only experienced by those who have blocks that need to be removed. I partly agree, because I think kriyas have the purpose to remove energetic blocks. If a person has the structure of personality in their body, the programmed energy can be seen from their body’s posture, animation and from caricature of their face. If programming remains, there must be energetic blocks that have not yet been removed. Before I would recant on thinking all people in kundalini transformation will have kriyas, I would have to meet somebody who is enlightened that shows no programming in the body reactions and mind. As far as I understand it, I believe all people in kundalini transformation will eventually experience kriyas, as that is the most efficient way to open the tissues to release the held energy.

    As my transformation progresses, the kriya movements are stronger, more intelligent and fluid, and I have no doubt my higher-self is coming to life by making a place in my body, filling it with light. As I see it, the entire body is filled with a large block of energy comprised of thousands of smaller blocks, so everyone has blocks to remove. I suspect more frequent and stronger kriyas are experienced if you have more defects. I do not feel that anyone will escape kriyas, as the bones of the skull have little range of movement between the sutures, and there is a ton of energy locked into the facial bones. To release this energy the bones must open, and kriyas do this efficiently.

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