Third Dark Night – I Am Vibration – Identified With Emoting

    After the second awakening, our awareness rises with consistent meditation. Insights continue and we are strong enough to drop our attachment to emoting. This is a transitory period where we feel between the two worlds of physicality and spirituality, belonging in neither. We know we are not aware and are not sure how to know without the use of our storytelling. We are confused and disoriented. We do not yet have reliable access to intuition and we do not trust our story and less the story of others. This is a phase of becoming independent of authorities where we learn to rely on getting answers direct from our source. It happens during this phase that strong emotions are provoked from most outside events. This is part of the healing after the second awakening event. Our emotions rage and we may feel crazy. We seriously question our sanity and wonder if we have made any progress when we see how crazy and emotional we are. We may think we are repeating and have not learned anything. That is a hard pill to swallow when we have been working so hard. Again, we feel like we have lost everything and enter the dark night of the soul. Another big cleansing is occurring with much crying, stronger than the prior episode. In this phase, the emotional energy of the inner child releases and a ton of energy is stored in this layer. The dark gets very dark, but simultaneously, the light expands rapidly. Eventually we will see the deep emotional layer, and understand why we have been acting this way all our life. After releasing this emotional layer, there is extraordinary freedom and independence from any person, place or thing. We stop walking in circles, which we have been doing all our life. The real world is now open before us.

    Third Awakening – Higher-Self Arises As Body Vibration

    After emotional cleansing, our vibration is high and meditation gets deep with increased ability to sustain the quiet mind state. Pre-kundalini awakening symptoms sporadically happen in the body. With our free time, we meditate to accelerate the transformation. Higher-self is driving more than lower-self. During this phase, our energetic vibration is growing rapidly and we become sensitive to energy inside and outside ourselves. Soon we will feel springy and light inside our body and higher-self will arise the third time. This time we feel it all over our body and in our mind as strong vibration and this time it does not fade, rather it gets notably stronger each day. Eventually the full-blown kundalini transformation is triggered and we enter the fourth dark night of the soul.

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