Fourth Dark Night – Death Of Body – Kundalini Transformation

    The fourth stage is long and lasts many years. The rest of the personality is transmuted, that is stored in the bones, muscles and DNA and simultaneously the new light body is built. When enough energy has been withdrawn from the structure of personality, and our vibration is high enough then latent DNA instructions are activated to start the growth of the light body. This activation point is what I call full-blown kundalini transformation. After a few months of preparatory nervous system changes to the body, eventually changes move through the chest and neck to make changes to the physical structure of the skull and brain. The fourth dark night at its most intense is experienced as a form of physical death. To be reborn in the flesh, we truly have to die in the flesh. When dying we gasp as we take our last breath of air and make gurgling and choking sounds as the air is compressed out of our body, moves through our chest and into our brain. We shortly stop breathing when this happens. The challenge is to allow this feeling and go to deep center knowing we are in a transformational death.

    We can only get through the fourth dark night with a total physical surrender of our body. However, do not worry, when we reach this step we are strong enough to do it, all we have done before has prepared us for this step. In this step, we are acutely present and of course, we live through it. After we have passed through the physical death, we will never go back to having a personality again, not now or in a future lifetime. We are now erecting a new structure that will serve us for the next part of our journey. There is no going back and there is no desire to do so.

    Fourth Awakening – Higher-Self Arises In The New Light Body

    It takes some time for the new light body to grow, but when it is done, the transformation will be complete. The end of the fourth dark night and the fourth awakening will happen in the same moment in the blink of an eye, as they are occurring simultaneously each day as the old is dissolved to create the new. When complete we will be enlightened, physically alive and present in our new light body. Hallelujah!

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