Metamorphosis Happens Spontaneously

    The most critical thing that threatens our survival and ability to adapt to changing conditions will be the first priority of our internal healer to heal. Our internal healer will select energy blocks to clear where it can get the most energy in return. Our internal healer wants to heal us and is hungry for energy. The more free energy our system has to work with, the more power there is to transform us.

    It is best to leave the task of healing in the hands of our higher-self, as this is not something we can figure out with our mind. We might not like a certain irritating symptom and focus our energy into trying to heal or alleviate that symptom, but this might not be the most effective use of our energy. We can relax a muscle knot in our trapezious with massage. Usually what will happen is because the cause was not treated then the knot will return. If we allow our internal healer to decide how to use the energy boost, an emotional trauma from our childhood may get resolved which caused repressed anger and created those knots. By healing the cause of the tension, we will stop generating the knots; they will dissolve and never return. We need to trust that our higher-self knows what needs to be healed first and will do the healing in the most efficient manner. The reality is we do not know how to heal ourselves as in how to mend a finger. The best thing we can do is to increase our overall energy, which then aids in the healing process that is taken care of by our higher-self.

    Another way to look at this is to examine the subject of brain plasticity. In this field of study, it is shown that if we do not learn new things over time our brain becomes lazy and thinking is eventually affected and memory problems such as old-age forgetfulness, dementia and Alzheimer’s manifest. The inelastic brain is similar to a map containing many tracks of all the things we learned long ago. When we do not learn new things, we traverse over the same track repeatedly and this creates a rut that reduces the health of the brain. Over time, this causes the brain to lose elasticity and results in disease like dementia. The offered cure to increase plasticity of the brain is for us to learn new skills and new ways to respond to life and problem solving to increase the number of tracks. This does work, but I think there is a better way to encourage plasticity or increased elasticity of the brain.

    I think the most efficient way to increase brain plasticity is by erasing what we already know, not by learning something new. I think the most flexible, intelligent, intuitive and healthy brain is one with little or no programming. When energy is diverted from activating the personality by stopping thinking, then the neuron mapping of the old tracks that keep the thinking personality in place are broken down. The more we do this non-doing activity, the more the neurons branch out, like infinitely expanding fractals, and the more flexible our mind and body becomes. As our brain and body become more elastic, our insight increases and we can respond spontaneously and creatively rather than only in conditioned ways.

    Only ‘You’ Can Release Your Personality

    We are not enlightened because we are identified with our personality, where when animated fools us into thinking we are alive. Because this is the problem, it means there is only one way to remedy it. To transform ourselves, we only need to practice letting go of the old habit of chattering, which is the cause of animation of the personality. Each time we are quiet, our brain is rewired to be more efficient, a program is removed, we are partly healed, our energetic vibration raises and we are more aware. Each time we raise our vibration level, we have more energy at our disposal to heal things in our body, which needs more energy to accomplish. When programmed tracts are removed, neuron growth expands and branches out in that space with numerous connections which is what increases our vibration. As we continue in the transformation, deeper and older problems are corrected, even to the point of correcting the structural alignment of the skull and skeletal frame. The truth is only we can transform ourselves. Only we can stop ‘pretending as the personality’, nobody can stop us from doing that.

    Enlightenment Has Always Been Going On

    Enlightenment is a gradual growing process, where the organization in the brain is changing into a more efficient one-mind structure in the interval we do not use our mind. Spiritual enlightenment has been going on since the first life emerged on Earth, where all of us are in various stages of accomplishment. Successive generations of life forms, over all these eons have been increasing awareness, up to the present people of today. Our current structure of the brain and body gives us the capability to recognize our source as spirit and creator of ourselves. Then the next step for human beings is to become that spirit in the body. There is one more physical species of life form for human beings to become on Earth and it is happening now, we are growing bodies of light.

    Growing numbers of people have had spiritual awakenings and it is difficult to find commonalities in the reports. The variety in reports is partly because spiritual awakening is not widely accepted as a real phenomenon and has not been studied by scientists. Another reason is that many of the symptoms are internally experienced due to changes in the nervous system. Because these symptoms are not experienced externally, there exists no language for it. Variation in testimonials is normal because each of us is an individual with unique experiences and what we observe and report will be heavily influenced from our past. Thus, reports across testimonials seem different even when we are describing the same phenomena. Finally, kundalini awakening is a continuous process with key stages. There is currently no clear definition about those stages, so all stories are lumped together in one basket, under the common name of kundalini awakening, even if they are miles apart. As more people share their accounts of kundalini awakening, we will increase our knowledge about the transformation and help each other get through it.

    What is common to all who have spiritually awakened is they understand the truth that they are NOT the thinker. They encounter the higher-self as spirit; they meet their true self that is the life-force behind the body, behind the mind, behind everything. Many people that spiritually awaken believe they are enlightened, which then stalls their evolution to reach higher steps. This can happen because this phenomenon is not widely known and understood by society and there is a prevalent societal belief that enlightenment can happen instantaneously. Today this is changing, as more people are experiencing kundalini awakening symptoms. I hope my testimonial can motivate people to keep going so they can reach further stages.

    The reality is that awareness rises gradually and it happens each time that we drop a part of our conditioning. After we spiritually awaken, we are no longer fully identified with our personality, so we have better ability to observe ourselves and be acutely present at times. Our personality is complex, was built over many years and is held together by our programmed responses to life events. We cannot let go of all our programming instantaneously, nor can we change the energy in our system in one fell swoop. It would be too much to take.

    We can only relate and respond to that which we have knowledge of and changes in consciousness happen in steps. We cannot be aware of what is hidden, and what is hidden is our conditioning. Conditioning is hidden because it feels to be integral to ourselves. We cannot change something we cannot see. We change a part of ourselves when we have the desire to change and ask the proper questions to discover our hidden programmed influences. If we are happy how we are, then we will not change. It is normal we want to be comfortable with how we are for a while and we cannot instantly jump into the stream of constant change. When we are comfortable with the known, we feel secure and are building energy to be used later. However, we should not stay comfortable for too long.

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