The Cord Of Personality

    If someone had perfect divine proportion, their energy flow would be equally balanced between the left and right sides of the body. This person would have no preference to use either the left or right brain or the left or right body; all parts would be in balanced alignment and have equal and spontaneous capability to react to stimuli.

    The reality is that as we age, the balance between left and right sides of the body become more lopsided. This imbalance, seen in the growing character of the face as we age, is reflected underneath in the energetic flows in the spine and nervous system all over the body. Basic energy flows in the body connect all the parts together continuing in a circular path to the brain. For example, with a repeated body movement, such as hand expressions while talking, an energy path runs along all the muscles in the body from tip of finger to the brain that allows us to make that movement. We do not think about this movement, it happens automatically which tells us it is programmed in the mind and the body. This path is owing to the brain organization of two halves, which correspond to our motor and sensory nervous system.

    Now take all the individual programmed ways we express ourselves and collectively it creates a right body and left body energetic flow, which when lopsided takes this energy away from a strong vertical pattern centered along the spine and into all body parts. When we experience events that harm or injure us, we create energy blocks in the body by mentally protecting those areas from being hurt again. These energy blocks affect the main paths of energy flow that connect one joint to another, and subsequently connect an appendage to the spine. This creates a lopsided flow of main energy running through the body, which I call the energetic cord of personality. The majority of our energy, which flows along the paths of skeletal movements, is contained in this cord. This cord flows between the sacrum, hip girdle, spine, shoulder girdle joints and jaw joints. One long cord of energy like this exists in the body, which creates a complete circuit traveling through the brain as well. The shape and location of this cord varies among people according to the location of their stronger energy blocks.

    The cord carries the main flow of energy through the body, which reflects the person’s physical use of energy in movement. Observing how a person walks or stands can easily show the cord and its effects. This cord is not a straight up-and-down cord; rather it zigzags as it connects between the joints into the spine. I theorize that most bodies will have a cord on each side of the body, which represents right and left-brain influences. The cord of personality contains more energy on the defensive side of the body, and it is interesting that this side of the body is the one prone to injuries and disease. We use that side to protect ourselves, so present it first when we fall. That side has more injuries and thus has more energy blocks. If our left-brain is dominant, our left eye is stronger, and our right body dominates. If our right-brain is dominant, our right eye is stronger and our left body dominates. The right-brain controls the left body and vice-a-versa.

    I feel the cord of personality contains the majority of energy held in tension and this energy animates the personality. This cord contains much energy and much transformational pain is felt along it, as kundalini transformation proceeds. A synonym for this cord is the ‘pain cord’. As parts of the body are healed through release of energetically held tension (energy blocks are removed), the cords weaken and are gradually removed from the body. When energy releases from this cord it is sent to the spine and the ‘free energy store’. The freed energy is used to change the mind and later the body changes as neurons and cells are grown to reflect the new mind organization. Essentially, that pocket of resistance is removed from the body. Over time in transformation, the cord slowly dissolves and vibration in the body grows proportionally stronger as the mind and nervous system expand. Energy is released from the personality and is used to create the light body. The vibration increase is obvious to all people going through kundalini transformation. In kundalini transformation, you will notice over time that your body becomes more elastic and the skeletal structure is moving toward balance on both sides of the spine and the splits in the mind also dissolve.

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