Q270: “How am I escaping from reality?”

    (This is question number 270 from BeiYin’s book: The Secret Key)

    BeiYin: In plain words: I have the key and I offer it to everybody who asks for it. You are asking, so you will find it within yourself. I am giving hints for this in my writings, at my website and here in this book. The *key* is free, but you will need to work on yourself to use the secret key.

    There is no way to escape your reality, because that is what you are, even though it is a *fake reality*. You are identified with it and that is what makes your personality. You may feel this to be a straitjacket, but you cannot let go of it because it has become your skin, bones and blood. You then may ask what is needed to go beyond it or how can I jump over my shadow?" Indeed, that is the dilemma. Nevertheless, it is possible!

    First, you need to understand yourself, gain knowledge about human nature and understand why you are in this ‘straitjacket’. Then you will discover that this has to do with the evolution of humankind that is still primitive with a limited development of awareness. There is much to investigate and by doing so it will cause personal reactions, because your established worldview filled with concepts and your self-image will be shattered. Your *fake reality* will fall apart. Do not get sucked into the craziness of this world. Calm down and be aware of your *existence* that is not colored by the manipulation of this society. You are confused because you are identified with your personality, resulting from the programs and concepts given to all human beings, putting them into a straitjacket. You see your present confusion in a positive and creative way, because you are ready to get out of the game of the personality. You cannot force anything and running away does not work, as you still carry your 'luggage of personality' with you.

    InkyPinkie: 'Freedom' is a concept. The idea of it is held in the mind and there is identification with it, which results in a state of mind that has little or nothing to do with reality. However, it seems very real to us. The identification can be so strong in the mind that our entire existence becomes limited to this created fake reality. We can even be willing to die to defend our identity or convince others of our concepts. Indeed this is absurd. 'Freedom' becomes the cage we escape to, so we can keep our little fake reality intact. We do this so we do not have to confront *freedom*. *Freedom* does not need identification games and the fake realities of our personalities are left behind. “Freedom is when there is nothing left to loose.”

    BeiYin: *Freedom* is not only a state of mind. The mind only represents one part of the whole. As a word and concept, it is limited to the mind and is part of the identification game of the personality. Real *freedom* is a state of *being* and is not limited to parts, that is what freedom means or not? Yes, of course, the image 'freedom' is used by politicians and others who manipulate people, by feeding them the picture that they will gain everything they desire when they buy or follow certain things. Real *freedom* is a rare experience because it is the result of a growing process and this is not the common state of evolution of humankind, only in rare exceptions. Talking about it is senseless, because it only creates another concept that is integrated into the database of the mindset of personalities. Because that is the truth, I will shut up now.

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